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Jokes: Akpos’ Elder Brother, Rukewe, Travelled To London

Akpos’ elder brother, Rukewe, travelled to London months ago, leaving behind Akpos, their aged mom & their pet cat, kelly.
Last week Rukewe called from London to know how they’re doing…
RUKEWE: Akpos how una dey now, how kelly?

AKPOS: Kelly done die.
RUKEWE (after a pause): Akpos u for use small small reveal dis kin bad news na. U for jus say d cat fall inside well but neighbors de try comot am. Den when I call again, u go say e break neck small but vet doctor dey try revive am. Den when i call again, u go say dem try their best but dem no fit save am. Na so dem dey reveal bad news in a mature way. u hear me?
AKPOS: Yes bros.
RUKEWE: Ok. how mama na?
AKPOS: Bros. mama sef fall inside well o, but neighbors dey try comot am.
(Phone cuts)
Rukewe has now been admitted in a private hospital in London..


  1. Just passing

  2. The bahd guy

  3. It’s not akpos fault

  4. im no sweet jooooo

  5. Mama don die be that lol

  6. akpos d fast learner

  7. Akpos ehh

  8. hahaha so funny

  9. hahaha so funny

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