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Let’s Discuss! As A Man, What Is Your Pride?. What Lifts Your Spirit And Boosts Your Ego?

I found this interesting piece moments earlier.

A question for the men and it goes thus:

If virginity is the pride of a woman, then what is the pride of a man?

1. Money

2. Intelligence

3. Educational Qualification

4. Others specify.



  1. The main thing that normally boost my Ego is my Ego(Money)

  2. money for sure

  3. Hmmmm,,God knws

  4. My money, intelligence and my educational qualification.

  5. Na d money ooh

  6. it’s personality

  7. Intelligence

  8. Experience

  9. Ah money firstly then my personality

  10. i wil go with D-boss

  11. Personality nd money

  12. mine is jesus

  13. Intelligence n Educational Qualification provide money,
    so both compete together to made a man, a real man..

  14. so fore me is both

  15. with money u can move all things

    for me is money……

  16. DAT i can play football

  17. God Knows Best

  18. For Me Is 2 & 3

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