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7 Mistakes Guys Should Avoid Making When Texting A Lady

Women love to analyse things and that’s why most ladies are fans of texting. So much so, that one of her most enjoyable activities is the guessing game — What Do You Think He Meant With That Text? To make sure you win at that game, keep these pointers handy:

1. No CAPS

The only time capital letters are allowed are at the beginning of a sentence or if you’re saying OMG (but refrain from doing that often). The all caps makes you come across as pushy, loud and demanding attention.

2. Small talk

Guys, K is not a reply. If you ever reply to her one paragraph texts with a single alphabet, you better be fine with never hearing from her again. A curt reply like that makes you seem uncaring, uninterested and rude. However, if you do in fact, want to break up with a girl, K all the way.

3. No shorthand

Girls take trouble composing their texts. They will type and retype over and over again just so they can make sure it’s perfect. While they don’t expect you to take the same trouble, do make sure ur nt typng a msg lyk dis because they will dump you like a hot potato. No one over the age of 14 talks like that — it’s childish and most women are turned off by it.

4. When in doubt

If you’re not a star when it comes to wording love messages, you can cheat by quoting a romantic song or movie. You are guaranteed it will have nearly the same effect. But follow up by saying ‘This always reminds me of you.’

5. Address her

When texting a girl, especially if you’re just getting to know her, always use her name in the first text message you exchange. This is to clarify in her mind that you are not mass messaging and talking only to her. Like we said, ladies love to analyse your texts.

6. Play a little hard to get

Don’t be too enthusiastic with your texts — for every two you send, make sure she replies at least once. Coming across as too eager — especially via text, which makes you look extra keen — might scare her off.

7. Word play

Whether it’s sarcasm or a slightly naughty text, go slow and don’t overdo it. Remember with text, a lot is lost in translation. What may seem cute while chatting will come across as cocky or rude via text.


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