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Must Read: How A Girl’s Visit To My Room Changed My Life – Season 1 Episode 18

Posted by on September 14, 2016.


No jare…i no go go Mrs Akorowem syd jor..Now it is not about the money anymore. it is about  reaping the labour of my fruits ..sorry reaping d Fruits of my labour I mean.

The thing i don suffer because of this girl don too much for me not to tear her..Forget d bet,it is even an achievement for me  personally and an added catch to my list.

Choi,i no fit forfeit Ichingbong kpetus for 250 thousand jor. Besides sef,Mrs akorowem na my personal padi..I go beg am ni..She no kuku fit do without me..i go go meet am for Sunday…

She no go vex nani oo. Make she day use cucumber or canned  bottle  day occupy till. i Pour.

After all i no fit leave tight punani Like Ichinbong own.go day sweat on top two way express road wey mrs aporowem call Toto..


Its Around 4 30 pm.  I talk say make i just Stroll small  ,make i no too day anxious and calm my nerves down con come back for the action later today.

I just stroll Go mama peter side  ..Make i go chill Small. Na For  dere ,My mama call me.

All the Seven thousand and 500 naira wey i bin invest ( abi na waste we go call am ) today on top Inchimbong,   Na Monday of this week,my mama send am give me..

My mama no too day call me  long like that cos na errytime ,she no day get credit but today,she spent almost 10 mins.. wetin happen today.  ??

.She greeted me and Asked whether i don see the money.. i reply say since Monday.. She ask how many studies be .i tell am fine.

” Boo”
” Yes ma”
” Boo”
” Mama boo am here .o
Boo .how many times I call u
” 3 times mama
” Boo..pls i beg u ,my mind is not at rest.
” haa ki lo shele mummy ”
” Please beware of the company u keep in school..

( here goes d sermon again ” – i thought to myself)

.” please dont indulge in acts that will tarnish your image and mine.You know since your Father died.. bla bla bla bla..

Av heard u ma..i will behave myself..
” don’t keep late nights
” haha ..mummy u av credit oo
” tor…dont forget to go to church tomorrow. U know.

” I will ma..bye bye ..

Chai.Women talk talk . So na Wetin she call me for be that.!!” .Na  prayer make she day pray for me, all this advice she day give na F9

5 15pm..Make i day rush go house back go cook rice.Oo


I reach house around 5 30pm to find Evegran sitting in front of my room ,Crosslegge day shine teeth…Haha ..is this girl OK ??

‘ Haha evegran,what are you doing here ”

The mumu girl just day smile gimme me..E be like say this one no sabi wetin day sup.

” Calm down naa boo ” Evening ”
” i said what are u doing here ”

” haha.ok oo.I was just passing by to see one of my friends and i said i should branch’
” Branch to do what ?? Did u call me before u came here ” i was shouting at d top of my voice..Wetin go happen if this inchinbong meet this idiot here naw.

” Haa calm down now..Stop acting like a baby ” Ok lets go in and sort things out..

” You and who..Evegran abi potatochips or watever u..oya start leaving..see come back on monday ehnn..i will be around and ready for u ..

” I came to visit u and u are sending me away .just like that” she said,tears forming in her eyes.

” No pls..Just come back ..Its not like that..i will explain better later.just leave.see .take 100 naira for bike ”

” Boo .i dont need your money ” Her countenance changed ..

” Ok just leave

” Boo.i loved and showed u all my affection.I wanted your attention and love but u  just slept with me and left me like like …

” Will u start telling history 101 lesson here or will u leave..

” Boo ..God will judge..God will judge.. You promised me love but u…God will judge u.

Will u leave u wrench…i never enjoyed u once.Ur kpetus wey be like community well.See as your toto water day drip everywhere for here .,.Get out of this place and never come  back again..  ..” i said Furiously.

I didn’t say another word before she  started moving out with tears in her eyes and as a nice guy ,i escort her out small make she no go lost for road because her reflex action don weak small .

Na as i escort am small.., i see Ichinbong day drop for Okada..Thank God say i no escort dis B***h far or allow her stay much oo,yawa for don bust.

By the time i go check d 100 naira i suppose give am,the idiot girl don somehow somehow don take the money ,use am carry okada..The bastard go spoil person mood for person..

To Be Continued…


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4 Responses

  1. Take It Easy

    by Noble on Sep 15, 2016 at 3:25 pm

  2. Thanks for updating these stories i love it

    by Micheal on Sep 16, 2016 at 12:05 pm

  3. wt a name….. boo,,!….u b cattle

    by Anonymous on Sep 30, 2016 at 9:42 pm

  4. i luv reading stories,keep it up

    by Anonymous on Jan 2, 2017 at 11:37 pm

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