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Must Read: How A Girl’s Visit To My Room Changed My Life – Season 1 Episode 21

Posted by on September 15, 2016.

I sharply go call my gate man,TonyeBarcanista.

Oga ,Na fuel no day d tank oo..

jesus.. why i no check this thing since morning.Luckily,d guy get fuel for hin motorcycle wey we quickly collect through hose.pour inside  plus the Five litres wey he don buy say he wan pour inside hin bike. We pour that one too.

Oga.barca. no worry.i go pay you d fuel and service money eh.. Go back to d gate and no peeping around..Thanks eh..God go bless u too.

No probelm oga..wahali..Oga easy ooo.

.. Na hin finally on the thing for me.. Devil don fail.For the Lord will not forsake his anointed..

I sharpaly rush inside back..Make i no day keep d girl waiting.

” Sorry for keeping u waiting ”
” No probelm .Don’t tell me it is because of me you are going through all dese stress ”
” Haha   ..no oo  You are worth.. So what do u want to eat now”
” Where is my rice. ?? She asked

” Haha am very sorry.i was So tied up today
” You lie .abi u dont know how to cook ??
” Its not so ooo..
” Okay ….

We started talking and then she apologized for her previous  behaviour to me..i also apologized for mine.

” So have you forgiven me naw ” she asked
” Yes ” i said….

A period of awkward silence followed and i had to quickly chip in something.

” Oh sorry i didnt On d Fan  ” I said after d whole apology and forgiveness session

” Seriously.we didnt even  feel d heat any longer lol”

I on fan …on fan ..fan no gree work..Emusmith no do shishi for d fan body. And d Guy collect 2500. choi..Emu . The thunder wey go fire u.still day do reflex action.

Is not working ” She asked
” Ahhhh.. I think.I think  ( still trying to on it)..  well i think so…i finally said
” just open d Windows..abeg..she said

.Haa time down day go, wetin day happen now.

To be Continued……


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  1. Its too short o

    by Jane on Sep 15, 2016 at 12:45 pm

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