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Must Read: How A Girl’s Visit To My Room Changed My Life – Season 1 Episode 25

Posted by on September 17, 2016.

What happens the Next Morning.. How really did this Visit change my Life…?? 

What is the relationship between Pastor Seun and Ichinbong.. ? Was he d one who actually told inchinbong to apologize to boo ??

.. What exactly brought about d Connection between Mrs Akorowem and Ichinbong .

.How on earth ,did d collaborative effort of   Mrs Akorowem and Ichinbong  led to d Total damage of Boo’ s and his promiscuous life style.

what about d Bet?? Will his guys let him go Scot free ?? Did Boo even eventually get to even sleep with ichinbong sef ??

wetin con end Boo life self.  

Gobbling. eating. licking and swallowing..

… blood flowed all over my body down to my hard preek, as she ate my hotdog together with my balls ,licking and dreeping saliva on the little hairs left here and there on my manhood.

Haa..This Girl was going to make my Pour and we never even start d main thing sef..i pulled out my heavy preek from her mouth and helped her up on her feet as i carressed her yansh …

.and i unzipped The skirt zip,and slowly moved down the skirt   as Her hands were kept busy,  fondling and rubbing my ” Gbola”.

She was just doing everything like a Pro.i could swear she would  pass for a X-rated Star.

The Skirt now day down. I was .left with her pants..White in colour… I guessed she knew and prepared her mind down for something today because all dis sparkling white bra and pants, Na so e dey neat reach on a normal day..Shior

I Dipped my index finger into her wet pants and Voila…” The Kittycat was tight as Sh*t “..I rhythmically  Put in my fingers,going deeper and manourevering for d Gpot  at d same time ensuring that i  followed slowly , d pace of the background  music as She put her hands  across my shoulders, giving her breasts a resting place on my chest ..

” Hand me dat” ..i said breathing heavily..

She picked d Condom from the bed and gave it to me…. She then went back on the bed and laid down  . Her Two legs up in d air  ,showcasing her creamy Treasure island ready for  immediate Penetration activity.

I was just putting on the Condom  when i heard heavy
Shouts outside the Gate…  …Dat must be from the other compound… I balanced d condom on my preek…The Noise Increased..

To Be Continued…


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