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Photo Of The Day: Will You Revive Him If You Are A Doctor?

Lol….It’s not easy to be an Arsenal fan😁😁😁😁😁


  1. This is not tiwa savage

  2. lol..i will o

  3. I will save him cos the work of a doctor is to save lives.

  4. lolz
    5:1 Thrash
    yeap obviously indeed e no easy to be an arsernal fan,
    the man don pass’out ne abi weiting.

  5. Eiyaa! Sure, I will

  6. Arsenal fans…LMAO…The admin is also a fan

  7. Arsenal fans…LMAO…The admin is also a fan

  8. Arsene Wenger bring out money and buy quality players you will say they are expensive and you want to win all your games especially the BIG ones,…OLE Revive kee?,let him remain where he is joor..GGMU

  9. I Wil,bcoz My Work Is 2 Save Life

  10. I wil revive him

  11. How many of you can remember that Kehnny Lawal the admin is an anena fan.. That Lawal

  12. 4 sure i will, because dat is my job

  13. Anena Co Antena Ni @jonny White

  14. of course i will since its my duty 2 save life as a doctor

  15. I wil after arsene wenger decid to buy new plyers

  16. i will save im bcos an is boss.chelsea fans for sure

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