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Photos: See What A Twitter User Allegedly Found In His 5 Alive Fruit Juice

A twitter user who found something really strange and unusual in his fruit juice shared these photos online. We’ve got to be really careful. See full photos after the cut.




  1. What the hell is this

  2. I can’t see the picture, please do something about it

  3. add me on facebook

    Those are moulds. (I.e the oranges were already split) only God can help the NAFDAC of Nigeria. They don’t know their work.

  4. Dat could be algae 4rm d tank dat fills d bottles of d drink. It could be dat it hasn’t been washed 4 ages

  5. Hmmmmmmm……….nawaooo… na lik dis person fr chop shit fr dis we country??….na algae be dat oooo….NAFDAC where una dey??… dat guy better be sure of wetin im dey say cause it might be an enemy of Five Alive….he might just wan to spoil business fr dem so im com put am dere

  6. Micheal do you think it’s easily to find algae aside in a dirty swamp or unwashed tanks, so tell me would a normal human go into a water-filled tank or a dirty swamp for algae just to tarnish a company’s product? I don’t think so. Let the necessary authorities be informed. May God help us

  7. Drinke it and be well


  9. nawaoo

  10. Gush!!!dnt jez blive dese scams…av seen a video of one too b4…dey jez wanna tarnish d company’s product…pls, Nigerians, dnt trust lies

  11. Åh da66o kai damiesele. It lyk ur fada is workin in 5alive company. I advice u 2 go nd drnk it


  12. Ah dis one na poison oo

  13. Check the expiry date Na may be…… no spoil our fruit juice ooooo

  14. I neva believe dose shits.**

  15. Sha am new here.And am not seeing the pic clearly mayby to do sumtyn about it okay.Who are you ALEX sorry ask.

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