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Picture Of The Day: What Do Funke Akindele Jenifa, Mercy Aigbe And Toyin Aimakhu Have In Common? (See)

What do they have in common in the above picture?

Let’s hear from Nollywood lovers on this blog.



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  1. Eye lashes

  2. The look in their eyes

  3. The eyelashes

  4. They Are All Yoruba actress

  5. they are all smooth in skin

  6. all of dem get scoin for head na.

  7. they have human heir in common!!

  8. They dress their weaveon de same way

  9. Hustling and glowing skins

  10. They are from the same family

  11. Eye lashes

  12. Ex-husbands

  13. attached hair

  14. Long face

  15. They are 4rm d same tribe. Dats yoruba

  16. dey are all yoruba actress n pretty

  17. They Both Have Dead People Hairs On Their Head

  18. their hair style

  19. all graduate

  20. all graduate

  21. all graduate

  22. They are fair in complextion

  23. They dress their
    weaveon de same way

  24. brazilian hair

  25. Eyelashes.

  26. weavon but nt d same colour

  27. They all have A at d starting of their surnames

  28. Dey are all ugly without makeup

  29. Eye

  30. They have the same eyes

  31. d eyez & shape of dere faces

  32. d same way of acting

  33. they dont look at the camera when snapin d pic


  35. Artificial hair

  36. Dey are all actress

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