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Please Advice: “My Husband Married Me A Virgin, Now Sleeps With Me Only When We Need To Have A Baby”

I am 25 years old and my husband is 32. We have two kids together. our sex life was perfect until after our first baby. My husband doesnt touch me anymore. I always have to initiate sex each time im in dare need of it. He has the problem of weak Attention and premature expulsion too.on one occasion I mentioned to him that we really need to see a doctor he said “are you now saying im not a man again”

I said “‘no babe you are a man but in the last 6months we’ve had sex only once and you didnt last up to a minute, there s no need to blame anyone lets just see a doctor. He cut out the idea and we have been staying like that. I give him good and healthy meals. I dress sexy in the house. I doubt if he s cheating cos i have access to his phone and we are always together. he doesnt keep late nights and doesnts answer starnge calls. I think its a health issue but his ego wont allow him sort out issues.

I have reminded him many times that i am only 25 and he married me a virgin. How can i proudly say that in 5 years of married we have had sex not more than 10 times and lucky two of the times resulted in pregnancies. Please advice on what I should do. I am soo tempted to cheat and satisfy myself. But I love my husband. I wish our sex life can go back to what it used to be.


  1. Hmmmm…….

  2. First of all put it in prayer and persuade your husband to go see the doctor. There is nothing much i can say.

  3. You both need a psychologist and a doctor… Because his problem is both…. Just keep up the good work and don’t think negative

  4. your husband is now a gay i think u should fine @queenboy to sleep with him bcos queenboy is a gay

  5. u should buy bf (blue film) let ur husband watch nd see what will happen,then fuck d spirit out of him
    i don’t mean to say bad word

  6. You are crossing boundary, your time of doom is getting nearer.@G boy

  7. queenboy what can u do

  8. @queenboy what can u do?

  9. @queenboy what can u do?

  10. well you need to sit him down and talk senses into him.IF HE DOES NOT MAKE YOU WET WHO WILL?????

  11. i have nothing to say

  12. Queenboy is like a crazy dude

  13. But This Sex Of A Thing?,, Am Not Understanding.

  14. You guys are blasting me a lot.@G boy and Deco

  15. May be ur husband is not more interested in u again or I should call him selfish-lover but I will advice u to pray earnestly and seek qualified doctor!

  16. Dont cheat on him talk to him gently and beg him to see a doctor

  17. try to talk to him agian and agian if him dd not tak it he have to be family mater bcos u bout can tay to gether 4 ever like dat

  18. There’s a little sense in celestine’s comment but it’s wrong…

  19. just pray god will change him???

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