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Please Help! Am Pregnant For A 50yr Old Man Who Is Married With Children

Please kindly advise and help a sister in need….😓😓


  1. U shld HV thought before sleeping with him…I advise u 2 not abort d pregnancy…one sin is enough.

  2. U folow moni,,,,u open ur legs very wide so dat him go screw u up….he has now given u d f**k nd now u dey look for help……abeg who help u from d first place???

  3. @Evershine
    She needs help and u are saying bullshit.
    Its not fair

    Girl….. u made a huge mistake d mab can be old enough to be ur father.I advise u if u abort d pregnancy u may die during d process..only God can help u.

  4. *may be old enough to….*

  5. Hmmm! This is quite hard.
    First of, scratch the ‘I’m a girl of honest background and heritage’ part. It’s very unnecessary in your present condition and if this is remotely true, then you’ve embarrassed your background/heritage.
    I’d advice you keep the baby, reasons being you’re scared of going under the knife and SS at that and ‘perhaps’, the love you have for the unborn child. Of course, keeping the baby comes with deferring your studies! Bitter pill, huh? There’s a reaction for every action and this happens to be your ‘reaction’
    Next, you’ve to work on yourself! I don’t know why a -+20yrs girl would find a 50years old MARRIED man attractive. It’s either you erroneously think being with people would bring you happiness or you’re just a plain gold-digger…
    Talk to your mom about it and please, never vent your anger on that baby. You brought this whole thing upon yourself so live with it. After giving birth, you can resume your studies. I hope from now on, you stay away from married men. Good luck with whatever decision you take.

    Sorry, I sound harsh; I just don’t get why some single girls don’t know married men are OFF BOUNDS!!! *sigh*

  6. Mtcheew

  7. I support ur comments @Scarlet

  8. I would say think of it as a double blessing u are not yet 21 and u are with SS genotype. You getting pregnant is quite a blessing considering the health situation surrounding people with your type of genotype. So forget about what anyone would say and take care of the baby. Life us quite short to worry a lot. If I was in your shoe that is what I wold do

  9. Jst kneel down nd clap 4 ya self

  10. Take 5 jor @Isaac. Lol
    Did you get a Valentine in the end?

  11. Congratulation

  12. u’ve made a very big mistake by dating a man dat is old enough 2 be ur father nd has his own family all bcos of money, don’t abort d pregnancy,God will help u

  13. just keep it.

  14. did u ask us 4 advice when u were sleeping with him

  15. sisi!!!
    i can’t elicit u why coz is a taboo against God, n dis site isn’t melt fore advise.
    i advise u to go,to ur parent or ur pastor fore more counsel.

  16. How could you allow yourself to be influence with some ladies way of life? Dating a married man is totally wrong not to talk of him being old enough to be your father & you caring his baby, you didn’t try at all. Anyways keep the baby.

  17. This is pathetic….I don’t know why Most Men don’t have A young damsel Enough to be your Daughter. Babe please keep Your Baby.Atleast You ve learnt from your mistakes.

  18. Did you ask anybody for help before Sleeping with him.Oh, is now that you are in confusion that you want help, that serves you right. Nobody helped you when you opened you legs wide for him to drill in that hole of yours .So if you know that confident that you used before you open your legs for him, use same to help your self. please next time you know that you don’t have any problem to present for help just fold your arms.Infact this is not a problem,it is dream come true. Did you mean those that say the following proverb(you reep what you sow are fulls? )

  19. Just keep d pregnancy instead of wasting ur life and dat of d baby

  20. I don’t subscribe to jungle justice
    In cases like this I think it will be

  21. Me i can’t advice you but my friend Queenboy can advice very well.
    But my little advice for you is not to abort the baby.
    First of all you made a mistake by eloping with an old married man who can be your father.
    So i think you should keep the baby deliver it safely……. And the man can be sending you monthly fees for the child up keep.
    I just can’t advice cos i’m not an adviser like Queenboy.

  22. Rubbish

  23. Please don’t do an abortion life is precious

  24. oboi she don carry am

  25. Every disappointment is a blesin, bt jst kip de baby cos he/she might be a sombodi. nd also be careful nxt tym

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