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Please Help! My Husband Always Leaves My Bed To Sleep Näked On His Mother Bed

Please my dear blog readees, i need your advice on what to do for God sake.


  1. na die you dey

  2. Men……see fiction

  3. him dhe do ritual

  4. him dhe do ritualS

  5. Thats Rubbish


  7. Abi im dey bleep him mama

  8. i no fit advice dis one o

  9. Why you no fit advice shebi you sef dey do am.@celestine

  10. u guy should stop insulting ur self u are nt a kid @queenboy nd celestine

  11. @blessing can u please give me ur 2go user name.

  12. Maybe he is under a spell,he needs prayer

  13. @queenboy i know. why are u ulgy like this na?

  14. Prayer is the key, i advice you to seek the face of God and be prayerful, it’s not ordinary, may God see you through.

  15. him dhe do rituals .....xactly

    him dhe do ritualS

  16. Mummi’s Pet

  17. You are the one who is ugly.@G boy

  18. What happened is not a mere something.I thought may be ur husband has been charmed.ur husband needs spiritual solution.

  19. I support you tonybaby

  20. @ Queenboy, dnt mind them…just be urself

  21. Lolzz..nothing person no go see for this blog…

  22. Na Amebo people full here i swear

  23. She only need ur advice not ur stupid talks, **kids**

  24. i totally support ayomide27

  25. hmmmm, ni ibi ti elekun ti sokun, ibe ni awa kan ti fi se ayo yo. i believe every 1of us here av 1Or2prb dat stand as challengs it s d cloth we put on dat covers it up. bhuuu am spichless but all i will say is ADURA LO LE SE óo.

  26. unbelievable


    your mother inlaw up some thing elseoooo better seek GOD’S FACE IMMEDIATELY


    your mother inlaw is some thing elseoooo better seek GOD’S FACE IMMEDIATELY

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