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Question Of The Day: Public Breastfeeding, Accepted Or Nay? 

Let’s hear from you guys…..

Kindly drop your comments.


  1. Ew,totally nay!

  2. Accepted but cover with a small towel

  3. Accepted but cover top with small towel

  4. We are talking about a child here, when we all know the importance of food… TOTALLY ACCEPTED

  5. accepted, but before breastfeeding a child,she needs tobe scan thoroughly

  6. shey she won cut person fasting.NAY

  7. Yes how d woman go come starve d pikin nah…ride on jor

  8. It depends on how the woman do it, if the bobby is not brought out carelessly then it’s cool but if she is the type who will bring out all d bobby it is not good

  9. Is strongly accepted…Bt do it codedly

  10. No becos i will not want those spoilt boys to see my wife breast

  11. Even on d wedding day? Anyway it acepted if only it z being covered wid a litle towel

  12. Our young girls will say nay cause they don’t wanna show it off. Let me ask you; if you are hungry, why do u eat in a public place like a hotel or restaurant? Why don’t you do it privately? Thats the condition of your baby. Feed him in public as you will do 2 yourself. Moreover ur mother did so 4 u evn in d church. You are shy 2 bring out your breast 4 ur baby but u can send it 2 diff guys on whatsapp 4 200 naira credit. U girls that say nay need deliverance. I say it’s totally accepted.

  13. Girls Una Won Starved The Baby To Death? Is That How You Use To Do? Pikin No Go Eat Because Of Ordinary Flesh….What Are They Hiding There Sef?

  14. its totally wrong

  15. Yay…but it should be covered properly

  16. It’s complicated


  18. It is accepted

  19. Thank you joor. I concur

Kindly Drop Your Comments