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The Second Chance…Episode 32

Posted by on September 8, 2016.

Episode thirty two.
Tony didnt utter any word as he drove gently towards the nearest police station. The case would have been reported the previous day but the law states no one should be declared missing until 24 hours.
Alice was beginning to feel uncomfortable. She felt like breaking the silence but she wasnt in the mood for any chit-chat, only her son mattered the most to her.
Tony on his own part was deep in thought. He thought of Maria and how she was busy showing everyone how rude she can be and soiling his name. He thought of how he could introduce Stella to his one and only enemy of progress kind of daughter!
She was lucky to have escaped this morning because he was already prepared to smack her for the first time since she was born.
Yes! He had never lay his hands on his jewel before and he realised the damage he had caused because he had always spared her.
He drove into the police station and pulled the car to a halt. He turned to Alice.
‘lets go. You know what to say right?’ he asked coldly.
Alice nodded and looked away rudely. They came down quietly and went into the police station without saying a word to each other.
They reported the case, wrote their statements and showed them the text message. They promised to investigate the case. They went back intp the car.
‘so what next?’ Tony asked ‘i need to go to work’ he added.
‘just take me to my apartment’ Alice replied in a teary voice. Tony looked at her to see if she was crying and she really was….
He drove fast and pulled up front of her apartment.
‘take care of yourself and…. Stop crying’ he said to her.
She nodded and muttered a quick thank you and came down. He drove off immediately, his head on fire.
Alice pushed her gate open and she was surprise to see six hagard looking guys.
Hmmm, what happened next?
Nneka paced around the room. She picked Naomi’s picture, and looked at it. Her face was expressionless. She looked at the picture for a while. Then she opened a pot emitting dark smoke and threw it inside, then she closed it and sat on it. She groaned because of the hotness of the smoke but she was determined today.
Naomi must come out……..

To be continued by 8pm

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