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See What This Woman Wore On Valentine’s Day That Got People Talking

This photos were taken on Valentine’s Day 2017 at a restaurant. The  woman who came into a restaurant waiting for her dates ask one of the restaurant workers to take her with her phone but someone else pretending to like her outfit also took the pictures…


  1. Still looking for what she wore
    that got people talking because
    she didn’t wear anything!
    Shame is ‘catching’ me for her.

  2. waw…abeg she slay

  3. Indescent dressing

  4. She wan show her date smtin

  5. Oh my God! This woman is naked, what is this world turning into.

  6. Notin do dis dress

  7. mtchew okirirka

  8. lady in red mtcheew

  9. she is naked all bcos she went 4 a date

  10. d dressing is half naked na

  11. Who cares.
    when u rot in hell one day

  12. guys its 3day to my birrthday i.e FEB 20th. I will really appreciate your wishes

  13. Okirika she dy wear as baddo. Eloquent nonsense

  14. Wardrobe malfunction

  15. Nudity through the seduct of i do..

  16. de girl sef no even fyn

  17. am ashame on her behave

  18. she beautiful i swear
    nice dress keep it up

  19. she beautiful i swear
    nice dress keep it up

  20. she resembles nkiru

  21. E better she no wear any tin

  22. @jr i can see dat is ur moda.

  23. na change we dey o

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