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Seven Akpos Laughs

1. Why count your money in front of the ATM? Will you return it if it’s incorrect?

2. It amazes me that people are afraid to talk in the exam room when the question clearly said “Discuss”

3. Some girls are looking for tall guys with pink
lips and six packs when their fathers are short, potbellied with black protruding lips…..Can’t you be humble like your mum?

4. If People Can Use “LOL” Without Even Laughing, Surely They can Use “I Love You” Without Even Loving You.

5. You’ve been Engaged since 2010, till today you’re still ENGAGED. MY girl, you’re not LORD OF THE RINGS.. please return that “key holder”!

6. Why are babies in the womb for 9 months and aren’t 9 months old when they are born?

7. Stupidity is when u have a Land Rover + Land Cruiser and still have a Land Lord, the landlord will surely not allow you to PARK your lands on His Land………..Wise Up!!!!!!!


  1. lolzzzz


  3. no. 10 tru fact

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