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Short Story: When Tears Bring Yes -Episode 3

Posted by on September 19, 2016.

Written By Bibijay
Amaka went to pick her car from the mechanic and drove to her church. She carried her sleeping child from the back seat. She ignored the secretary who stood glaring at her. She entered the Pastor’ s office after a soft knock and was surprised to see Micheal seated. He stood up and gave her a peck. She was taken aback, he had even greeted her warmly and called her ‘ dear’. 

” Welcome sister Amaka” Pastor said warmly. ” The orphanage is at lekki we should be there by 7 pm”. 
” Sweetheart shall we?” 
She looked from the Pastor to Micheal. Is this the right thing to do? ” I want to keep her”.
” What?” Chorused both her pastor and fiance in surprise.
” Sister Amaka please give us a moment “. Pastor said. She walked out of the office in exasperation.
” Bro Micheal why are you so set against her keeping the child”
” If Amaka cannot obey me now, how will she be when i marry her?women should be submissive and do as they are told! i don’t want anything that will put even a blemish on my person! How anyone would keep a child whose back ground they know nothing of baffles me! that child could have been sired by a mad man! Or brought into this world by a wh0re!” .
Pastor knew it was getting beyond his control. He knew the right thing to do but he was afraid of offending Micheal. Maybe he could try to convince Amaka to let go of the child. He called her in. ” Sister Amaka you have to listen to me! can your pastor lead you astray? am telling you what the lord told me! you have to take the child to an orphanage. ”
For the first time in three years Amaka saw through her pastor, She knew he was indebted to Micheal but she never imagined that the grip Micheal had on the man was this tight. How could he advise her to take the child to the orphanage just to please Micheal.
” Amaka if you insist on keeping that thing then am done with you!” Micheal spat out angrily.
She removed her engagement ring and placed it on the pastor’ s desk. She thanked them both and went out of the office. The pastor closed his eyes as guilt assailed him.

Mrs Kalu stood at the threshold of her house, she was a beautiful light skinned woman in her fifties. Her daughter had called her few minutes ago, her voice was muffled with tears as she related the events of the past days to her. Amaka drove into the compound and parked her car. 
Her mother walked to her and she flew into her arms sobbing. Her mother soothed her and carried her grandchild from the back seat. The beautiful child was asleep on the back seat and she wondered how the poor thing hadn’t topple to the ground during the drive. She was glad they were both alright.

With the help of her father’ s connection and her mother’ love and support she was able to adopt the little girl and she named her rose.

Amaka sprawled on the ground playing with Rose when a knock sounded on her door. Rose’ s nanny was on leave so they were both alone in the house. She had resumed work and was coping with motherhood and career.
” Who is it? Please come in”.
She was stunned when she saw who it was. She flew into his arms happily. Oh Johnson. Her childhood best friend! the only man she had ever truly loved! She was heartbroken when he disappeared without a word right after their youth service. She had refused to eat for days until her mother spoke some senses into her. How did he find her?.
” You are welcome Johnson, please sit down. ” She had to keep calm. ” What can i offer you?”
” A glass of water or juice is fine”
Amaka went to the kitchen and returned with a tray of water and juice which she placed in front of him. She picked up her baby and sat on the sofa opposite him.
” Amie she is yours right?” He asked with a sadness in his eyes. ” You are married?”
” Yes she is mine, her name is Rose but i am not married. How about you?”
He sipped his juice with gladness in his heart. ” She is beautiful”.
” Thank you ” Amaka beamed at him.
” I was married but i lost my wife to cancer three years ago, we have a son, his name is Jason”.
” Oh! sorry for your loss Johnson. How is your son holding up? What a terrible thing!”
” He has adjusted fine, in the beginning it was hard on the both of us but with time he became used to her absence.” He took a sip of the water in front of him.” So many things has happened in the last ten years Amie, am sorry i left without telling you.”
” Why ? why did you leave without telling me?”

” I left because of you. I was in love with you but we were from separate classes and i was afraid my love alone wasn’t enough, i felt unworthy of your love so i decided to go in search of greener pastures, come back to ask for your hand when i find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but life doesn’t always go as planned. Am sorry Amie.”
She closed her eyes.” How could you think your love alone wasn’t enough?. I was in love with you too”.
” Am sorry Amie” he whispered. ” Am still in love with you.”


To be continued


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