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Sleeping With Yesterday…..Episode 16

Posted by on September 14, 2016.

She casts her glance on Helen as Helen steps on the brakes and asks, “What have you done?”

“Beware the negative forces that will come around you today. You have to be very careful in all you do. The tiniest detail matters.”
This is what Helen had read in her own horoscope that morning. Now, with her eyes turning in confusing colours, her heart thumping like hammer on a gavel, she wonders how she has neglected it, how she does not see this before now.
Nnafuka has hurriedly grabbed her handbag, trying to get the magnetic irons on it to close the bag. Behind them a car comes, sidelines theirs and halts.
The driver stretches his neck at Helen. “Madam, is there a problem?”
Helen neglects him, still trying to understand how her friend of ten years will be a negative force in her life.
The driver’s voice comes again, “Look. This is an express road o. You better move this vehicle before something happens to both of you,” and he drives off, dragging a tail of black smoke with him.
“What are you taking about, Helen?” Nnafuka drops the handbag at her feet.
“You poisoned that little boy!” Helen’s finger threatens to enter Nnafuka’s eyes.
Nnafuka is silent. Then she speaks up. “I don’t know what you are talking about.”
“I smelled the disinfectant on Doctor Abiola’s son! The same disinfectant that you have here in your bag. Did you come all the way from Bida to Minna with a disinfectant? What were you doing the whole time after you left the doctor’s office?”
“You are accusing me of killing someone’s baby.”
“I am asking why you did it.”
Reason is always a hat on our actions, even when it seems that there is none there. Being the different humans that we are some of us have to force ourselves to dig out reasons from the satisfied belly of our actions. For Nnafuka, Helen’s inquiry into why she did what she did cements her satisfaction that what she did is right. She had said it before that no one would mourn her with a baby. Doctor Funmilayo Abiola had done this by greeting her first with the face of her son, a boy whose dimples reminded her of Dayo, her husband, whose cry reminded her too of Seun. She could not bear the laughter of this child while she was in the toilet. It was this laughter that was the ultimate mockery. The way the laughter swelled and fell, it made her seem like a homeless woman who was tired of watching a privileged woman pull down a house and raise another on the same spot every day without taking notice of her. To her it was wickedness. To her it was Funmilayo grinning at her from behind an oxygen mask when she is dying from lack of air.
“This doesn’t make any sense,” Helen blurts out, taking her face away from Nnafuka’s sitting position.
“I don’t expect it to make sense to you, Helen. You’ve never lost a child.”
“I will not have that excuse, Nnafuka.”
A car zooms past them, but Helen does not care. She has this determination on her face that Nnafuka sees and picks up her handbag; opens the door and comes down.
“Where…?” Helen comes down too and bangs the door. “Where are you going?” She stands there, looking at Nnafuka who walks to the side of the road. She watches Nnafuka dig into her handbag, bring out the bottle of disinfectant and fling it into the bush by the side of the road.
“You think this will end it?”
At that moment a honking fills the air. Helen looks down to see a truck speeding up towards them. She takes a look at Nnafuka where is standing and then tries to pull the door of the car. It does not open. She sees that a piece of her skirt is caught on it. She pulls again. It does not open. She reaches in through the window and lays her hand on the key in the keyhole. In trying to pull the key out she turns it and the vehicle begins to accelerate. She manages to bring out her head and call to Nnafuka. “I’m stuck, Nnafuka, I’m stuck.” The car pulls her along slowly by the skirt. She pulls and pulls the skirt until looking back she sees that the truck is not slowing down, that it is too near to avoid.
Nnafuka stands there, her two hands holding her handbag, looking down at Helen and the car until the truck covers her view and she hears noise like scattered thunder and another like a huge blast. Fire pops into the sky. The truck summersaults three times and runs into the bush, clearing her view.
What she is looking at is what remains of Helen’s car under which Helen’s arm protrudes like a flagpole.
To Be Continue

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  1. Oh christ

    by Vivy on Sep 14, 2016 at 1:18 pm

  2. Ha dis not fair

    by tolani on Sep 15, 2016 at 6:52 am

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