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Sleeping With Yesterday (Episode 24)

Posted by on September 19, 2016.

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A kind of air rushes against the back of Dayo’s neck. It is hot air which feels like a hand. In his tensed position it is the rush of adrenaline in him that says to him, ‘There is a gun being pointed at you.’ He takes care not to move his head, not to blink, not to swallow. It is just his hands by his side, he and Malik, both of them waiting for the voice to say its judgment, waiting for the voice to say, ‘If you dare move…’ or, ‘You are under arrest for…’ or even, ‘Where is your wife?’

The voice comes again, this time reduced, not so loud, no longer full of force as before. “Doctor Aregbesola?”
It is Malik, with eyes on Dayo, who turns slowly, his eyes down, avoiding the glance of the gun supposedly being pointed at them. But he has turned fully, he does not see any uniform up in arms against them. It is not policemen that are right behind them but patients and visitors in the hall, waiting in their seats, looking at Dayo and Malik who are acting strangely. When Malik looks at the owner of the voice, he discovers that it is a medical doctor. In his immaculate white lab coat, with a pad and a pen in his hands the doctor is staring at Dayo and Malik with surprise.

“What is going on, sir?” the doctor asks Malik, using his eyes to brush Dayo’s back – an obvious reference to his frozen frame.

“Um…” Malik looks around carefully, bends by his hips to see that there is no security operative hiding behind the doctor, “Nothing,” he quickly adds.

The doctor is silent.”Nothing,” Malik says again, then he touches Dayo’s hand.
“Who is it?” Dayo forces out of his mouth, through clenched teeth.
“It’s the doctor.”

Dayo turns to the doctor as though a hand has swiveled him. He manages a smile. “Doctor.”

“Is there a problem, Doctor Aregbesola?”

“No, no, no.” Dayo casts his eyes up the staircase, then moves over to the doctor. “What is it, doctor?”
“It’s about your wife.”

The doctor pauses, expecting something from Dayo. Dayo cocks his head, expecting the doctor to go on.

“She is due for discharge,” the doctor says at last.

“Oh, she is now well”. Dayo smiles uneasily and looks at Malik who says, “Alhamdulillahi”, his hands going up, the smile on his own face obviously ingenuine. The doctor looks at both men.

“So, when is she free to go?”

“When you clear your financial responsibility. Actually, we should be having this discussion in my office but you look as stiff as a tree. You and your friend here. What are you two up to?”

“Up to? I’m a reputable academic, doctor. Don’t ask me questions as though I were a child.”

“I’m sorry, sir. But from the record we have you have not made any financial commitment…”

“Doctor, your money will be paid. Now can we go upstairs and see his wife?” This is Malik, face serious like a dark sky.

The doctor closes his pad, says, “Sure, sorry about all this” and then walks off.

Dayo and Malik watch him until he disappears through a hallway by the right, his lab coat swishing, slightly gliding in the air. Then they go up the staircase.

In the hallway their shoes knock the floor, sending quick sounds into the rooms. Some of the rooms are open but they do not look in. Their eyes are on that room at the end, that room where Nnafuka is.

As they near the room they begin to hear a moaning, a continuous bang on the wall. It is as though someone is continuously driving the iron bed against the wall. With each bang on the wall, a female voice comes screaming,

“Hard. Yes. Hard. Harder,” as though it is a prayer. Dayo and Malik stand in front of the door, staring at each other, caught in between the fear of what is going on in there and the fear that brought them to the hospital in the first place.

Malik places a hand on the doorknob, ready to turn it and push the door open.

To Be Continue By 4pm

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4 Responses

  1. Aru eme,abominaion

    by bola on Sep 19, 2016 at 10:33 am

  2. She spoil her life

    by tolani on Sep 19, 2016 at 1:27 pm

  3. Double wahala

    by Favour on Sep 19, 2016 at 3:53 pm

  4. She is insane, her child’s death cannot turn her to murder nd whore, she need serious prayer.

    by shollalli on Sep 19, 2016 at 4:25 pm

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