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Sleeping With Yesterday (Episode 27)

Posted by on September 21, 2016.

Sleeping With Yesterday

Dayo raises himself on his toes and pushes Malik to the wall, his arm under his chin.

“We have been friends since God-knows-when now. Malik, are you going to give us up?”

In his inability to breathe properly, Malik begins to form a fist, the veins in his arms popping out. He clenches his teeth and, audibly taking in the much air he can in-between words, he says to Dayo, “Let me go. I will not have a hand in this.”

But Dayo presses him harder against the wall. “You are my friend. Why do you want to do this to me and Nnafuka?”

Malik manages to bring his eyes to rest on Dayo’s face. There are veins on his face, lines running zigzag like the confusion which has taken over the scene. It is as though someone else has taken Dayo’s body because Malik has begun to see a change in countenance and behavior in this friend of his. In the years that they have known each other, starting off as colleagues in the same department in the polytechnic, he has never for one day known Dayo to be violent, has never for one day seen Dayo threaten anyone. In split seconds, Malik concludes that there is something following Nnafuka. It is this same thing that has taken over Dayo, and he must not keep quiet. He must not allow his friend be drawn into the dark.

In order to ensure that he leaves this hospital alive he decides to do what he has never thought he would do in his life. With his fist as hard as rock he lifts his arm and throws a punch on Dayo’s face. Dayo feels the searing pain burn the left side of his face, a tear rushes into his eyes but he still holds Malik up there. The first punch that Malik has thrown has bought him a little ease from Dayo’s suffocation. So he gathers more strength and throws another one. This time on landing this second one, he does not stop. He comes in like a piston, landing punch upon punch on Dayo’s face until Dayo staggers back against the wall, releasing him.

Free from Dayo’s grip Malik bends, his buttocks touching the wall, his hands feeling his neck. In these minutes that Dayo held him up against the wall his neck has turned sore as though he just broke loose from a large rope.

“Are you out of your senses, Dayo?” Malik manages to ask, swallowing saliva after saliva to clear the path that Malik’s arm almost pressed close. Raising himself to stand straight, Malik intends to turn towards the door and walk out but as though acting in reply to Malik’s question, Dayo stretches his arm and drags Malik by the collar of his shirt away from the door. Malik slides across the floor, bruising his arm, almost hitting his head on the wall.

Before Nnafuka can look twice, Dayo is on top of Malik there on the floor, hitting him in open places, saying in between gasps for air, “If we are doomed then you are doomed with us. You referred me to that counselor. You brought about this.”

Malik heaves himself up, defying Dayo’s weight, and throws Dayo up against Nnafuka. Before Nnafuka can lift her hands to guard against the incoming Dayo she finds herself lying back down on the bed as Dayo struggles to wriggle down her. But Malik, whose anger knows no bound now, does not wait for him to get down. He charges at him like a bull that just got up from a burning coal and pushes Dayo back into the bed. They turn out of the bed together, roll to the other side, Dayo on the floor, Malik’s hands wrapped tight around his neck.

In his suffocation Dayo’s hands flail, flail and flail, trying to grasp Malik’s face. Dayo gasps, gasps and begins to give up under Malik’s hands. His eyes begin to lose vision. He is running out of the last air when he hears an explosion. It is as though the sound comes from somewhere inside of him, happens somewhere inside of his head. He feels a body heap down by his side and he draws in so much air that his eyes bulge in satisfaction. When his vision returns he sees Nnafuka standing over him. In her hand is a wooden chair with one leg that has broken off. On the floor is the broken wood from the chair, covered in blood.

Dayo lifts himself and looks to his left hand side. There is Malik, eyes open, staring determinedly into his own eyes; head open, allowing the free flow of blood that continues to gather around.

Dayo stares at Nnafuka as she asks, “Is he dead?”

To Be Continue

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3 Responses

  1. There is a curse on them

    by Rayshy on Sep 21, 2016 at 12:51 pm

  2. Really a curse

    by Anonymous on Sep 26, 2016 at 1:51 pm

  3. bewitched her husband also

    by silaze on Nov 5, 2016 at 10:19 am

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