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Sleeping With Yesterday (Episode 38)

Posted by on September 25, 2016.

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Nnafuka’s head swells as though water has been pumped into it too quickly. She begins to realize where Dayo is going. What her ears are picking up she cannot really believe.

Dayo continues. “I ground the fertilizers and waited for Mama Rashidi to prepare Seun’s lunch. She had gone up to bring Seun down when I mixed it with the pap.”

Now that Dayo has come off clean it seems there is a personal wind blowing against Nnafuka – a wind so strong and so cold that it threatens to blow her off of that window because everything inside of her has gone limp, everything except her lips which continue to beat against each other without control. She manages to try to form words within her mouth and all she can come up with is, “Wh—”.

There is an eternity of silence between the couple. Nnafuka shakes uncontrollably through it all. She is convinced that it is a dream that she is having, a nightmare so bad that it feels real. She begins to put events together within her. When she recalls that there is no mention of Iya in the poisoning, she slowly lifts her face to Dayo’s and asks, “Are you taking responsibility of your mother poisoning our baby, Dayo? Is that how much she means to you?”

“We have come to the end of the road and all truth must be laid bare here. I cannot continue to lie to you. Iya only spoke to me. Yes, she tried to make your life miserable. She tried to make our marriage hell. But she did not know about the poisoning. She kept saying that it was your witchcraft that killed Seun. She had no hand in the poisoning.”

“But why? I loved you, Dayo. I thought you loved me too. I thought you loved our baby. Why did you do it?” Nnafuka keeps shaking her head.

“I love you, Nnafuka, but I had to save the face of my family. If Seun had stayed I would not have had any grounds to get a new wife. I am sorry for what I made you become, honey.”
‘Dayo just called you honey,’ Nnafuka says to herself inside of her. Then a sad smile makes her lips expand. From the smile she begins to laugh, laugh and laugh – tears jumping from her eyes with each scatter of her voice into the air.
The crowd watching from below hear the laughter and they begin to talk among themselves. Some begin to say that it is a djinni that has caught hold of her, causing her to lose her conscience and to have the strength of seven men to be able to do the things that the officer-in-charge said she did. They fear that she will turn around to kill that man there who they have learnt is her husband. Others begin to say that she is mad, that this is the kind of madness that gets sent from the village, that makes someone lose grip of what is wrong and what is right. They all cover their ears with their hands against the sound of the laughter once the old security man mentions that evil spirits can enter another through hearing.

The police officers and the doctor are still making their way into the hospital when they hear the laughter. In the hall the doctor instructs the nurses to take everyone out. “There is a dangerous woman in this hospital.” The determination with which people speed out of the building almost results to a stampede.
“This way, officers.” The doctor leads them up the staircase on to the level where Nnafuka’s room is.

Nnafuka stops laughing. Dayo is astounded at her reaction. He wonders why a woman, his wife, who just learnt about how their daughter was poisoned chooses to laugh.
“Nnafuka?” he calls her. “Nnafuka?”

They say that the eyes are cowards and so it is hard for anything to come so close to them. But Dayo’s eyes are probably either brazen or they are not expecting it when Nnafuka’s nails jump into the air and dig into them, scratching at the soft flesh. Nnafuka also puts her teeth to use on Dayo’s hands as they come on her shoulders trying to hold her body back in defence.

“My eyes!” Dayo screams. At that point he lifts his right hand into the air, allowing it to come crashing on Nnafuka’s face. The blow almost throws Nnafuka back into the room on her left hand side, but Dayo has not had enough. He throws a strong blow at Nnafuka using his left, casting her back to her right hand side. Nnafuka swerves at the pain on her face. She throws her hands out to the twilight outside but she cannot hold anything.

As the police officers kick the door open, “I’m falling” are the words leaving Nnafuka’s mouth – the ‘falling’ stressed so long like the whistling of an oncoming rocket until, slightly staying clear of the mango tree, Nnafuka lands on the roof of a red car on her face, causing the glass windows on the car to explode into smithereens, causing the policemen down there to run from their positions, pushing the crowd into a chorus of exclamations.

To Be Continue On Wednesday

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3 Responses

  1. Jesus!So Dayo was actually responsible for d death of Seun?Ha! Dayo was d cause of it all.Chai!I hope nothing bad happens to Nnafuka bcos she is on d verge of going crazy.

    by Anonymous on Sep 25, 2016 at 4:54 pm

  2. Ha dayo is responsible for every tin what a hard story

    by tolani on Sep 25, 2016 at 7:34 pm

  3. Nobody is to be trusted, not even who call ur partner

    by shollalli on Sep 26, 2016 at 9:29 am

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