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How Many Animals Can You See In This Optical Illusion?

No-one online can decide on how many wildlife creatures are concealed in this simple drawing – but how many can you find? SOCIAL media users are really struggling to work out how many animals are hidden within this optical illusion – but how many can you see? The mind-boggling brain teaser, which features a variety of beasts, is baffling people ...

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Are You Smart Enough To Finish This Vocabulary Builder?

Hi friends, Happy weekend. There was a vocabulary builder from puzzles planet. I dont know who was able to solve it We are still on the word unscramble series and brain training puzzle games series presents us with the following letters to unscramble: 1. A C E N R S T Y 2. A B C E H M R ...

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Brain Teaser! Make A Long Sentence With These 4 Words In It

I posted this game on Facebook and in less than few hours it generated over 500 comments, let’s see how fast A1000LAFFERS catch the fever too. #FRIDAYFUN – Make a LONG sentence with these 4 words in it: “King”, “Kitchen”, “Kind” “Kiss”. It will be interesting to know who makes the most logical sentence.  Mine:  I saw a KING KISS ...

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