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👥Hi “A1000LAFFERS” Let’s Play This Quick Fun Smart Game – Winners To Get N1,000 Recharge Voucher💰

Our game is called “Five Letter Word Change”  A Letter word game”. Ok?  Here Is The Idea: Every reader is expected to change one letter from the previous reader’s 5 letter word, mix up the others and create a valid new word. Example: Let’s say, for instance, I pick ‘SPLIT’ The next reader’s reply could be: SPOIL (replace ‘T’ with ‘O’) OR ….LIMPS (replace ‘T’ with ...

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Another Fun Game….Last Man Standing WINS

Barca beat Manchester city 4-0, Chelsea beat Manchester united 4-0. So we are azumin Manchester is another name for 4. Now use it to form a sentence, example below👇. 1. GOVERNMENT WORKERS have been on strike for more Dan Manchester month now. 2. I visit d toilet at least Manchester time a week. Now add ur own, let it continue😂😂😂😂😂

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