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Tarasha – Episode 125

Posted by on September 13, 2016.


The phone’s loud alarm tone rang out, jerking off Tarasha from the nap. She rose up immediately, went straight to the table and opened up the laptop. She tapped the boot button and walked out to get a glass of water while the computer was booting.
Jefa had slept off in the living room, without switching off the TV. Tarasha thought of switching it off but decided to leave it on and let her brother keep enjoying his ‘noisy’ nap.
She returned to the room three minutes later with a plastic bottle and a glass cup, the laptop had finished booting. She dragged the chair closer and sat on it, after which she inserted a modem into one of the USB ports. The network connected automatically and youngicee.com opened as the homepage of the browser, after scrolling down to skim through and bookmark the links of some exclusive stories, she opened another tab and typed in the link to Linda Ikeji’s blog. She smiled on seeing her expected news on the homepage, Cole had done the job.
‘Real Details Of Henry E.G’s illness revealed,’ she muttered to herself the topic of the headline as she clicked on the link. She opened another tab and typed in nairaland.com into the address bar, where she would be able to read a lot of people’s reaction to the breaking news. She returned back to Linda Ikeji’s blog and read through the post.
‘Reports reaching us today from a trusted source has revealed the real cause of Henry E.G illness and his present condition. Henry EG was poisoned in his house by unknown person(s), the suspect of the poisoning is the assassin Samantha Osman. That same afternoon he was poisoned was the same day he was arrested and interrogated by the police after he was alleged to have a close relationship and a suspicious love affair with the assassin. The doctors had previously lied to the press to hide the details on order from the police. More details on the news to come later.’ Tarasha scrolled down to read some of the comments the post had, after reading a few, she navigated to the second tab where the Nairaland forum site was opened and scrolled down to read mostly comments.
She smiled, loving the comments and heat the news was generating. She was glad that the police and the hospital would be under a lot of pressure now from the press. All she was waiting for was the second alarm from Benny and then she’ll join them at the hospital to play her part in the task.
‘Almost done now,’ Dr Tobi announced to Dr David who was just returning to the lab.
‘Hmm…’ Dr David smiled, ‘all the impurities gone right?’
‘Yes,’ Dr Tobi replied.
Dr David adjusted his belt and trousers, he touched a button on the belt head and a red light flashed.
‘So we’re going to be working with a new assassin?’ Stainless asked Don as they rode down the street.
‘I’m not sure yet, but I believe the man is bringing in someone else’ Don replied.
‘You believe? He didn’t mention it to you?’
‘Yes, I believe. From the way he was speaking, it was obvious he was expecting another assassin.’
‘So the assassin would be from where?’
‘I don’t know,’ Don said and angrily pushed the horn as a faulty car was causing a holdup on the road. ‘All I know is that we’ve got to stop Tarasha before the assassin comes, I want to be the one to stop her.’ Don continued after finding a way to drive past the car.
‘Did the Chief still ask us to continue with the job?’
‘He never asked us to stop,’ Don replied and pushed the horn again as he sped past some slow cars and trucks. ‘But I’m desperate to get that money from Chief and I also want to kill Tarasha with my hands.’
‘This is not nice sir,’ Ken said as he entered into Dakolo’s office, looking worried, he headed towards Dakolo’s seat with the tablet in his hands.
‘What’s that?’ Dakolo looked up to ask. He was already rounding up for the day, closing up the files which he had summarized the day’s report.
‘Henry case is all over the news,’ he said as he handed up the device to Dakolo.

Dakolo stared at it for a short while and an expression of shock appeared on his face. ‘How in the world did they find out about this?’ He asked in a shocked tone.
‘I don’t know,’ Ken said as he pulled the visitor’s chair to sit on it, he folded his arms. ‘I was just replying to some messages on WhatsApp when I got the news, I thought it was just one of those chain messages but I was shocked when I saw the vanguard news link.’
‘Oops!’ Dakolo dropped the device and stared thoughtfully. ‘Does that mean one of the boys has been giving the press information?’
‘No, I don’t think it’s one of our boys, they dare not try to be so stupid because they know we’ll surely find out.’
‘Then how did the information get to the press? We warned the doctors not to mention it anywhere, and it’s even against the ethics of their job to let out the condition of their patients to the public or to somebody else.’
But we really can’t tell, you know. Some of those stubborn journalists could have pressed so far and forced out the information from a nurse or doctor and besides…’ Ken paused for some few seconds. ‘You said there was a new doctor today, a lab scientist precisely.’
‘Ermm… Yes,’ Dakolo let out a deep breath from his mouth. ‘There was a lab scientist who had that same sample, I’m only waiting for him to finish manufacturing the cure with Dr Tobi. I’ve instructed the boys to grab him immediately they finish from the laboratory.’
‘I don’t think they should grab him sir,’ Ken suggested in a strong tone.
‘It would be better if we keep tabs on him and monitor his movements, he could lead us somewhere helpful.’ Ken said.
‘No Ken, I’ve thought of that before, it won’t work. If he is from Samantha Osman like we suspect, I think it’ll be dangerous to let him leave the hospital. You of all people should know how they always escape without leaving any trace.’
‘But sir, we’ve confirmed that he is from Government City Hospital in Capetown, we could always trace him there.’
‘How are you sure that he would return to South Africa when he leaves? If he is being used by Samantha, I don’t think he would like to return.’
‘Sir, you sound so sure that he’s working for Samantha.’
‘Well, I’m not sure but there is just something about the young man that looks so evil.’
‘Hmm… Let’s just see how it goes,’ Ken shrugged, ‘thank God that the journalists won’t be allowed to enter into the hospital, they would have been causing problems by now.’
‘Thank God we’ve warned the security officials not to allow even one of them step his feet into the premises of the hospital and anyone that even comes in by mistake should be bundled out immediately. Well, it’s time to call the doc,’ Dakolo said and got up from his seat. He picked up his phone and walked slowly to the window side, dialing on the phone. He peeped out through the curtain and placed the phone on his ear.
‘He’s not answering his calls, I think they’re still in the lab.’ Dakolo turned and said to Ken, he then dialed another number and rested his bum against the burglary proof metal.
‘You should all hide your microphones and your devices well, we will enter at different times, at five minutes interval to be precise.’ Cole disguised as a journalist was addressing a group of journalists from different news media outlets, four vehicles were parked behind them. ‘Also make sure you hide your ID cards until we get in, if we don’t act like this, we would not be allowed to enter.’
Benny raised up the ampoule containing the cure prepared and observed it under the white light, he smiled to himself and muttered some words. He glanced back to see if Dr Tobi was watching him and quickly turned back, he exchanged the ampoule with another one in his inner jacket.
‘I think it’s time now,’ Dr Tobi said after hanging his lab coat. ‘Let’s administer the drug to the man and save his life.’
Two nurses entered into Dr Tobi’s office that moment with a tray which had in it the syringes, tubes, ampoules and the other thing that would be needed in administering the cure to the patient.
‘We’re good to go, ‘ Dr Tobi said with a smile.
Dr David dropped the ampoule in his hand into one of the trays held by the nurses and proceeded outside first, he adjusted his trousers as he got out of the door and waited for the rest to come out. Dr Tobi led the way to the theatre with Dr David behind him and the nurses following too.
**23 minutes later**
There was an usual noise at the reception of the hospital. The number of journalists and reporters in the compound were too much for the security officials to control.
‘Sir, can you tell us what happens if Henry EG never comes out this condition?’ A journalist threw a question to the officer.
‘We can’t tell now, but we hope he’ll come out soon. What you guys need to do now is to leave this vicinity, it’s an hospital and there’s need for quietness here.’ The officer managed to say, about six microphones were stretched to his mouth while several cameramen were taking his pictures from behind.
Cole stepped back away from the rest of the pushing journalists as he felt a vibration in his pocket. It was the second vibration and be knew what it meant. He quickly took out his phone and checked the screen, he returned it in the same manner.
He looked around for a while, searching for someone, then he saw her with the group of journalists interviewing the senior Doctor. He smiled and journeyed towards them.
‘…we don’t have the authority to let out that information to you now, ‘ the senior Doctor was saying. ‘All of our Doctors are trained specialists and none can give you this information.’
‘But what about Dr Tobi who told us how the police smuggled in Henry? Is he not supposed to keep in the information too.’ Cole who just joined asked, pushing forward to the front, Aisha left her space for him.
‘Which Dr Tobi?’ The senior Doctor seemed shocked.
‘The Dr Tobi in charge of the patient,’ Cole replied.
‘Please excuse me,’ the senior Doctor said and hurried into the hospital. Some journalists include Cole followed after him. Cole turned back from the group with something in his hand, he had taken it from the doctor’s pocket.
‘Here, ‘ he handed over the access card to Aisha. ‘It’s time for your second role, have you read the instructions Benny sent you?’
‘Yes,’ Aisha replied, taking the card from Cole.
‘The boss should be here very soon, keep your tracker on.’ He said and patted her on the shoulder.
‘Hello officer, what’s up?’ Dakolo spoke into the phone.
‘Hello sir, we’ve got some troubles here. I was just about to call the office,’ a tiny voice came through.
‘What’s the matter?’
‘There’s a huge crowd of media house representatives and journalists here and they are pressing too much,’ the officer replied.
‘What do they want?’
‘A lot of them are asking for your whereabouts, they are asking about Henry EG and want to know his present condition.’
‘How did they get in?’
‘I don’t know sir, even the security men are confused.’
‘Okay, are you at the ward now or with the journalists downstairs?’
‘I’m downstairs.’
‘Please go back to the ward now, immediately.’ Dakolo ordered.
‘Okay, right away sir.’
Dakolo ended the call and returned to his table immediately, ‘we have to go to the hospital now.’
Dressed corporately in a white shirt and black trousers, Omotara stepped out of the room into the parlour. Jefa was still there, he had woken up and resumed watching TV. Omotara walked over to his front, she dropped something on the centre table and turned to him to tell him she was going to her workplace. The look on his face stopped her from talking, his sorrowful eyes were glued to something on the screen. Omotara turned to look at the screen, it was the network news at 6.
She turned back to Jefa wondering why he had such a look when the news being reported wasn’t even a disastrous one.

Bro…’ She stopped again as the sorrow on his face deepened. She turned again to the TV, excerpts from a press conference with the police was being shown.
‘What’s the matter?’ She finally turned and asked.
‘That… That man…’ Jefa lips trembled as he spoke, pointing to the person in which the cameras were fixed.
‘…no one is above the law. No matter what you do today, even if you think it was hidden, it’ll only be a matter of time, the truth would be revealed and you’ll be seriously punished for it. So I urge all Nigerians, especially those residing in places that have experienced these assassin attacks to report any suspicious thing they see immediately to the police, don’t hide anyone, even if the person is your friend, remember an enemy of the nation is equally your enemy.’ The IG said and received a thunderous round of applause. He waited for the place to be calm again before he continued speaking. ‘I also encourage those who are behind these attacks and those who are sponsoring to surrender to the government now, you may be considered and pardoned but it you don’t surrender…’ He paused and made a threatening chuckle, ‘if you don’t surrender, you’ll still be caught and you’ll be made to face the penalty.’ The excerpt display ended and the newscaster reading the news was returned to the screen.
Omotara turned back to her brother, still not able to understand the reason for her brother’s mood.
‘It’s seems you’ve forgotten already,’ Jefa said in a painful tone and got up from his seat. ‘I won’t remind you and please don’t ask about it, do have a nice time at work.’ he said before trudging back towards the direction of his room.
Tarasha stood motionless for a while, she closed her eyes and brought back the picture of the inspector general to her mind, something seemed striking about it. She brought out her phone from her bag and open the mobile browser. She typed in ‘Nigeria Inspector General of Police’ into the search engine, it finished loading in three seconds and she quickly scrolled down the search results. She didn’t see anyone that interested her so she clicked on the icon for more image results.
She clicked on the first picture that appeared and stared at it for close to one minute. At first, it seemed to have no effect on her but then a strange kind fear started to fill her heart, slowly, his face was more looking more familiar. She returned back to the search results and clicked on the Wikipedia option. It opened and she scrolled down to read about his early life and that was where she saw the picture of his early days which she recognized well. Her eyes became red instantly, she clenched her left fist and her teeth as her lips trembled. The phone fell from her hands to the ground. She suddenly developed a thirst for his blood. Inspector General Rikau Saliu. The same man who led the terrorist group to her house, killed her parents and molested her severely.

Dr Tobi and Dr David had changed into their theatre coats already, with the nurses. They just put on the masks and Dr Tobi was making a silent prayer.
After his prayer, Dr Tobi injected a sedative into Henry’s veins to start with and waited for a while for the effect to show.
An unexpected knock sounded on the door while they waited. Everyone in the ward stared silently at each other as if to ask if there was anyone expecting a visitor. Then one of nurses went to the door and returned to the whisper something to Dr Tobi.
Dr Tobi stared blankly for a while, then he stepped back and walked to the door. He walked back a minute later and went straight to Dr David.
‘Did you tell anyone about Henry EG’s condition?’ Dr Tobi whispered to David’s ears.
‘Humm…’ Dr David seemed hesitant for a while. ‘I only told one of my friends, during the break, he’s also a lab scientist, I wanted to ask him for some tips.’
‘Oh shi*t! The news is everywhere already, ‘ Dr Tobi placed a palm on his forehead regretfully.
‘But how?’
‘I can’t say,’ Dr Tobi replied thoughtfully. ‘But is it possible that the person you told also told someone else?’
‘Ermm…’ guilt appeared on Dr David’s face. ‘He actually has a sister who is a journalist,’ he stammered.
‘Damn!’ Dr Tobi exclaimed with a loud hiss, the nurses were staring at them.
‘I’m sorry,’ Dr David was saying when another knock sounded on the door again.
Dr Tobi stepped back first and proceeded to the door, he conversed with the knocker for a few seconds and then turned back inside. ‘I’ll be back in few minutes time,’ Dr Tobi said and then walked out leaving Dr David alone with the two nurses.


To be continued
What do you think would happen with the memory of Rikau Saliu back to Tarasha’s mind? And do you think Benny would succeed, now that’s he has been left alone with two nurses and even changed the ampoule?

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  1. How can a hardened criminal become a police,,,,Nigeria with surprises.

    by Shollalli on Sep 14, 2016 at 3:19 pm

  2. Benny can’t successed

    by May on Sep 17, 2016 at 4:16 pm

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