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Posted by on January 12, 2017. 12:00 am

The Professional Sexmaker (18+) Episode 15

​Episode 15

+++++++++++++fast forward++++++++++++

I dropped off taxi, get sometin to eat for myself. Branch at shoping mall beside the school gate asked for ruff-rider. I got two at the rate of #200, as 1 per #100 each. I shoved 1 inside my wallet incase of emergence straffing and other in my shuttle.

Wen I reached hostel, I surprised to see my roommate coming from bathroom. I wonder why this guy like to take bath almost 4 times a day. He would take bath around 5:00am in the morning, 7 when going to school and by afternon when come back from school and in the night before sleeping. While in actual fact the guy has no one he is straffing.++but as it popularly saying that, One day for the thief, the other day for the owner+++.

I woke up in the night, I opened my phone only to see diference msg and missed call from monica. I wonder while wil see be calling me during the night like this. I checked the whatsapp message and it came from Benita. She begin to rant on me;

Benita: don’t ever come to my place again oo, infact I regret to ever meet you. I told you I don’t want you untill you have your way. I have boyfriend. I don’t need a friend again. It over between me and you.

Haaaaaa, see me see trouble! Where did you put you dignity when we were doing it. At first I wanted to reply her by saying: hope she enjoy me, but I stand against it. Deep down inside, she can’t say she do not. Ceteri paribus. Who is looking for friend before tho.++yinmu++ ajepako wey dey form ajeboh, eyin aro nahin be your home…

As I was about to drop the phone, a call came in again from monica;

***** this girl like night call die******

Me: helo

Monica: helo bro j-tee. It is being a while, how school?

Me: I am managing it ooo. Haha, I surprise to see ur call of my phone. incredible, today is gona be good.

Monica: it is you that care not to say hi nah. Even tho you have me on ya whatsapp.

Me: less I forgot, how is your younger sister?

Monica: she is fine ooo. I told her I am gona call you and she said I should extend her greeting to you.

Me: it is my pleasure.

Monica: when will you comeback home?

Me: less than 2 month to this time sah.

Monica: so lng…

Me:++surprised+++ hope there is no p?

Monica: of course no problem… I am just imagine what will you bring for me while you are coming.

Me:+++i act as if I didn’t hear++++

Monica: bros j-teee,, I said what do you have for me?

At this juncture, I know she want another thing beyond gift. I then enter with my intro;

Me: a girl like you deserve more than a gift. What will I ever give to you that can make your day rather than being pamper?

Monica: hmmmmmmmm

Me: a girl like you need someone who will be taking care of her.

Monica: woooooooow

***I can feel her giggling through the phone vcall****

Me: a girl like you deserve a man who know what is take to have beautiful woman like you.

Monica: ++++++blushing++++++

Me: how I wish I have a girl like you in my world. How happy man would I be?

Monica: +++++giggling++++++++ are you saying you don’t have any at school?

Me: I don’t have any oooo…

Monica: hMmmmmmm, guys with lies.

Me: how? I am not one of those guys. And is guy ever lied to you before?

Monicah: let not go there…. Please!

Me: hmmmm, I understood.

Monica: what is that?

Me: it is worthless pursue. Let leave it.

Monica: ok ooo, it just that I don’t like a guy that will be taking woman for granted.

Me: such man deserve big punishment. And how on earth will you be taking woman for granted. As a good guy.

Monica: the way I see you, you are gentle tho.

Me: +++giggling++++ murmuring to myself; for your mind?

Monica: face your study ooo, I will cal you tommorw.

Me: ok dear.

At the hearing of dear, she busted into another round of laughter and I know have nailed her. But her case nt for now.


As it is popularly saying by clergyman that: man cometh from sand, so shalt he return to sand one Day. So as T-model, the writter of PSM(professional S£xmaker), does say a man cometh from kitty-cat and will always find his way back into kitty-cat weather physically or spiritually.

*****So to say: there is not just a saint person in life again. Some people fond of straff physical persons while other prefer ethereal.****

I was still waking up with the night call made with monica. I begin to hear a murmur of mumbo-jumbo of my room-mate in form of someone groaning, and mouaaning of pleasure. I forced to turn on the touch light. The guy was stil asleep and why would he be groan in pleasure. As I raised my head from bed, I saw my guy holding both hands in between her laps and groan. Fear caught me. At first I thought something was wrong, untill I saw making a sound of someone who just ejaculate. I stood up and find my way to him, my mouth dropped ajar. Lo and behold, the guy just wet the boxer with sperm. That day I got to know that, making S£x physically is synonymous to making S£x with spirit. The little difference of it, is that both S£xes are performed in two difference worlds.

***so, everytime i see the guy with no girl to straff. I pity him. I cant help, but to sake my head.****

****Pleasure with enthereal, isn’t that what sufferness is all about*** thanking god for my life!!!
To Be Continued By 3pm

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