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The Second Chance…Episode 39

Posted by on September 9, 2016.

​Episode thirty nine.

Tony checked his wrist watch again, six minutes past six and Stella was yet to show up. Thats one thing he hates, not keeping to time.

He sighed in anger. He picked his car keys and stood up to leave when he saw her coming.


How could anyone be so beautiful. The warm smile on her face took his anger away. He smiled too.

She walked up to him, pecked him and sat directly opposite him.

‘what took you so long?’ Tony asked.

‘i’m sorry dear. Traffic’

He was smiling and she was blushing.

God! Why was she blushing? He hasnt even asked her out but she was already falling for him already. But she knew that it was only a matter of time before he asks her out.

‘lets talk Tony. Which lady did you say you got stuck with yesterday?’ she asked.

He smiled at her. Her sweet and sexy voice was taking its toll on him. Her voice was filled with jealousy. He felt fulfilled. There was no doubt she was falling for him already and he was happy about it.

‘well dear, its just that a cousin of a very close friend of mine was in a situation and she needed help.’

‘hmm, what situation?’

‘her son was kidnapped’

‘so? What about her husband?’

Tony looked at her. She showed no sympathy at all. Even her voice potrayed it. Well, maybe its because she doesnt know Alice, he thought.

‘she has no husband. She isnt married’

‘geez! She must be really promiscous. I’m sure she used her son’s kidnap to try to get close to you. Maybe she tried to seduce you.’ Stella said and hissed.

Tony was really surprised at her words.

‘Alice is not like that Stella. And please, i wont tolerate you speaking ill of an innocent person. I told you her son was kidnapped. For goodness sake, the least you could do was show some sympathy!’ Tony said in suppressed anger.

‘and why should i show sympathy? Am i the one who kidnapped her son huh? And why are you even angry? Are you into her?’ Stella said angrily.

Tony banged his hands on the table, looked at Stella and left.

He had just seen her on three occasions and she was already showing this side to him….

To be continue

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