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The Second Chance…Episode 42

Posted by on September 10, 2016.

​Episode fourty two.

Martins threw Ann’s things out. Her pleas didnt matter to him at all.

He loved his children so much and never did realise how much the shameless woman he called his wife was making them suffer. He loved Ann settled but he loved his children more.

Ann shed tears. She promised within herself that if only Martins forgives her, Susan and her brother would see the best side of her.

But Martins was unwilling to forgive…..


Alice looked at Tony’s number on her contact list. Hell knows she was dying to hear his sweet voice, she wanted to call but she wished he called first.

Feeling bored, she went to Felix’s room to play with him. She had missed him.

On seeing his mother, Felix clunged tightly to her. Alice laughed.

‘oh, Felix!’ she said with a motherly smile.

Who said being a mother wasnt fun?

It was and she was glad to be one.

‘mother, where have you been all this while?’ Felix asked.

Alice laughed at her son’s statement.

‘sorry sweetie, mother wasnt feeling too well’

‘are you better now?’

‘yes i am honey. So how was your stay with your grandmother like?’


Alice laughed.

‘mummy, lets play football’


Felix brought out his ball and they went to the sitting room.

Felix stood by the kitchen door while Alice was opposite.

Felix threw the ball and she caught it and then she threw it back to him, he caught it and just as he threw it again, Alice missed it and it rolled and kicked that door open, the door to Fred’s chambers…..


Queen Lateefa opened her palms. The future was blur, she wasnt seeing anything at all. It wasnt a good sign at all. Turning to Nneka she said.

‘you’ve got to kill him or…..’

‘queen Lateefa, i killed my own daughter ten years ago because you told me too. I killed my own parents and siblings because you asked me too. I cant kill my husband, he’s all i’ve got!’ Nneka said.

Tears were welling up in her eyes already.

‘you know better than to disobey me Nneka’ Queen Lateefa said.

Nneka sighed ‘please forgive me Queen Lateefa, i cant. I have an assignment to carry out. You know’

‘oh! About that, the lady you are to kill is actually Fred’s daughter’


To be continued

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