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The Second Chance…Episode 48

Posted by on September 14, 2016.

​Episode fourty eight.

‘so tell me about him’ Amy chided her friend.

‘tell you about who?’ Alice asked.

‘the guy who is bringing out the unhidden beauty in my friend’

Alice laughed.

‘Amy you still havent changed, have you?’

‘no oo. I am still the same me. So who is he now?’

‘abeg go siddon. Anyway, how is Kelvin now?’

Amy hissed.

‘abeg dont change the topic jare’

‘ah, what happened?’

‘if you must know Alice, i called up the engagement’


‘oh yes’

‘but why? Kelvin is such a good guy’

‘to everyone who doesnt know much about him. He should go to hell, i dont give a f–k about anyone anymore!’ Amy said. She was flaring up and Alice noticed it.

‘okay oo. If you say so’

‘i say so!’

‘but if i may ask, what….’

‘please dont ask me anything. I want to forget him’ Amy said as her eyes glistened with tears.


Amy said nothing.

‘but i hope you are okay now sha?’ Alice asked.

Amy nodded ‘i am’ she wiped the tears away and forced a smile.

‘Alice, lets go out’

‘oh no, i dont think i can. I promised to spend the day with mum and even go shopping with her’

‘ah, why did you leave your appartment?’

‘i realised that when mourning my past, i hurt a lot of people so i want to make up for it’

‘you have finally come back to your senses all thanks to that guy you dont want to talk about’

‘oh, spare me that Amy.’

‘tell me about him’

‘i wont, not until you tell me what happened between you and Kel….’

The look Amy gave her left her sentence hanging.

‘i’m sorry’ Alice apologised.

‘its okay. Give me today Alice. I really need company’ Amy said.

Alice looked pitifully at her friend who has always been there for her. After a minute of silence, she finally agreed to go with her. She excused herself in order to come up with a flimsy excuse for her mother.

She wore a red sleeveless jumpsuit, a black hair band and a black purse to match.


Tony and Stella stared at each other with so much love.

‘you are beautiful Stella’ he said.

‘you are handsome’

‘i love you’

‘i love you too Tony’

Tony spoonfed her with rice from her plate and she did same.

One who saw them from afar would easily know that the duo were head over hills with each other.

Alice and Amy walked majestically into the restaurant, all eyes on them. They looked so beautiful and angelic.

They sat on an empty table and made an order, then they got talking.

Alice’s eyes wandered round the restaurant until her eyes coincided with the lovers sitting by the window.


To be continued

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3 Responses

  1. chai !

    by jindu on Sep 14, 2016 at 10:05 am

  2. oh no, not now

    by jindu on Sep 14, 2016 at 10:12 am

  3. Ughhhhhh thats not gonna go well wid Alice

    by Jane on Sep 14, 2016 at 1:08 pm

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