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The Second Chance… Episode 53

Posted by on September 15, 2016.

​Episode fifty three.

‘i cant wait to see that daughter of yours!’ Stella said excitedly as she and Tony shared their midnight kisses via phone call.

Tony was silent. He wasnt sure of Maria’s action if she sees Stella reason why he had refused to show her to Maria even when Stella had begged her to.

‘dont worry, you will see her pretty soon. Her birthday is in two weeks and i bet she would love to have a party. That will be best…..for the introduction’ he said as he held his breath.

‘thats nice. I know i will love her because with the way you describe her, she will be a very lively kid’ Stella said.

‘yeah she is lively’ Tony said.

‘i cant wait to see her, hope you’ve told her alot about me?’ Stella asked.

‘alot!’ Tony said.

‘i trust you’ Stella said.

Tony felt uneasy lying to Stella. Actually, he hadnt even coughed her name to Maria not to talk of talking about her. Not his daughter!

‘so tell me the things you told her about me’ Stella said excitedly.

Tony chuckled but said nothing. What could he say?


Alice tucked Felix in bed then she retired to her own bedroom.

She remembered that Tony had said that he was urgently needed in his house so she picked her phone up and dialled his number.

‘the number you are dialling is currently busy please try again later’

She sighed in fustration and threw her phone on the bed.

About six minutes later, her phone rang and it was Tony and she was excited.

‘hey Tony!’ she said excitedly that Tony even noticed it.

‘hi! You sound so excited, whats the secret?’ Tony asked.

She laughed ‘nothing. I was just thinking of you’

‘really? So what did you think?’ he asked.

She laughed again ‘you wouldnt want to know so whats up?’

‘fine oo. How’s Felix?’

‘he’s fine. He just fell asleep’

‘oh! Okay just wanted to hear your voice, goodnight!’ he said.

‘wait Tony!’ Alice said.

‘what is it?’ Tony asked.

‘promise that you will pay me a visit at my parents house tomorrow?’ Alice said.

‘hmm, okay. But lets make it a restaurant perhaps.’


‘well……i just…..i cant…no i dont feel like coming to your house’

‘are you scared of my parents? Come on Tony. They welcomed you the last time you came now!’

‘but Alice…….’


‘okay, you win! Since tomorrow is saturday, expect me around twelve noon’ Tony said.

‘okay. Goodnight’ Alice said happily.

‘goodnight dear, take care of yourself’

He hung up.

No sooner had he hung up that a message entered his phone. It was from Stella.

‘since tomorrow is saturday. Lets go on a date by 12noon’

He was confused. Who would he please?

To be continued

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  1. Interesting Go on plssss

    by Rayshy on Sep 15, 2016 at 5:44 pm

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