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The Second Chance…Episode 55

Posted by on September 16, 2016.

​Episode fifty five.

‘i love your bedroom, its a girl’s colour’ Tony said as he sat on the bed.

‘yeah! This was the room i used to stay before i left for my own apartment’ Alice said as he sat next to him.

‘really? Why did you even leave?’ Tony asked and she laughed.

‘you wouldnt understand. I left after Felix’s father died’ she said.

‘oh, but why did you leave?’

Alice became pale ‘i just……couldnt get over him….i just wanted to stay alone’

‘oh, i understand. Forgive my over inquisitiveness. Where is Felix?’ Tony asked.

‘he followed my parents to a marriage ceremony’

‘why didnt you go?’

‘i was expecting you. I just wanted to be with you today!’Alice said.

‘oh! Am i that special?’

Alice pecked him on the left cheek.

‘yes you are’ she replied.

Her heart was beating fast. She didnt get it, just like she was going to die. Just because of love? Just because of love.


‘you mean a guy did this to you?’ Collins asked.

‘and who is this guy if i may ask?’ Dave asked.

‘i just recognised him really well. He is the famous Tony Brown. The billionaire’ Gilbert said.

‘what!’ Dave and Collins chorused.

‘guy, you just lost Alice foor good. Give up’ Dave said.

‘i will never give up on Alice, i love her and she is my world’ Gilbert said stubbornly.

‘but cant you see? Tony Brown is no match for you. That guy is rich! Stinkingly rich! Which girl will leave Tony Brown just for a common architect like you? Guy reason?’ Collins said and Dave nodded in approval.

‘i dont care a f–k! I will crush him!’ Gilbert said angrily.

His friends laughed loudly.

‘crush who? You mean the guy who beat the hell out of you or the guy who can destroy you with just a snap of a finger?’ Dave asked.

Gilbert shot him an angry look.


‘look Gil, let Alice go. Just the mention of she dating Tony Brown makes matters worse for you. She will never be yours for life!’ Collins said.

Gilbert laughed ‘she is mine and she will always be mine. I know just what to do. I’ve got a plan!’

Abby came out dressed in a plain gown.

‘uncle, i’m going out’ she said.

‘where are you going to?’ Gilbert asked.

‘to the beach. I am going with my friends’ Abby said.

‘wait a minute, Maria Brown is your friend right?’ Gilbert asked.

‘yes, anything?’

‘no and she is the daughter of Tony Brown right?’ Gilbert asked and shot a look at his friends.

‘yes she is. I’ve gotta run now, i’m late’ she said.

‘why not invite her over one day. Tell her your uncle wants to see her’

‘okay, bye!’ she said and left.

Gilbert laughed.

‘things will go wrong!’

To be continued

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