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The Second Chance…Episode 60

Posted by on September 17, 2016.

​Episode sixty.

Tony drove home slowly. He wasnt even thinking straight but he didnt know why he felt relief inside of him. He thought of Stella and Alice, then laughed. Today was the happiest day of his life!


‘why does this kitchen smell somehow?’ Kofo asked Alice whose heart skipped a bit.

‘wh…at? How does it smell?’ Alice asked.

‘i dont know. Its kind of stuffy, why?’ Kofo asked.

‘ah….maybe its because of the weather. Its unusually hot nowadays’ Alice said.

Kofo shrugged it away.

Alice ran to her room and locked the door.

‘thank you Lord’ she said.


Rhoda opened the door for Tony. She greeted him as he left for his room.

‘was that dad?’ Maria asked from the dinning.

‘yes’ Rhoda replied.

‘okay’ Maria said and went inside.


Stella cried and cried and cried.

She didnt know which hell Uche came from. He just ruined her happiness and she didnt even know what came over her.

Why cant she stop this old habit of hers.

For christ sake Uche was her cousin and she didnt know why she found it difficult to stop to stop sleeping with her own cousin.

It all started when she was sixteen. Her parents wanted to travel out of the country leaving her behind so they had to invite Uche over to stay with her for the two months that they will be away. Well, being teenagers in the same house without an adult, they threw caution in the air and commited incest. It continued and even when her parents returned and he went back to his parent’s house, whenever she and her parents pay them a visit, they will always sneak to his room and do it. No body knew.

When she turned 20, she decided it was time they stop it, but it never did. Whenever they see each other, it must happen. Even when she didnt want to. Now it just cost her something. Something she didnt bargain for.

Uche tried his best to console her, apologise till he gave up and finally left. He wished Stella all the best, God knows he does but this their bad old habit was so hard to stop. They were addicted.

To be continued by 4pm

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  1. next pls

    by mhiz rhopheehart on Sep 17, 2016 at 9:25 am

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