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The Second Chance….Episode 67

Posted by on September 20, 2016.

​Episode sixty seven.

‘ah….’ Gilbert said with his mouth wide open.

‘i mean….you are back from the states? When did you come?’ Gilbert asked.

‘wow! Gilbert, i never thought for once that i’d ever see you again, i swear!’ Stella said as she moved closer.

‘i too’ Gilbert said.

‘i thought you married again’ Stella asked.

‘i did, but we divorced’ Gilbert said.


‘so how have you been Stella?’

‘i’ve been fine’

Gilbert looked at her fingers.

‘you arent married?’ he asked.

Stella looked at her toes.

I havent. But on the verge of’ she said.

‘really? And who is this lucky guy?’ Gilbert said.

‘what makes you think he is lucky?’ Stella asked.

‘you would make a good wife. I mean, you’ve always made a good wife. I still dont know the reason i let you go’ Gilbert said.

‘whatever! But i’m sure you found love again. Its been years’ Stella said.

‘yeah, i did find love again but its a difficult one but not to worry, i’ve got everything under control’ Gilbert said.

‘okay dude, see you some other time’ Stella said turning her back to leave but Gilbert held her hand and gently dragged her back.

‘lets chat a little more now’ Gilbert said.

‘Gilbert, you are still the same dude from before’ Stella said and laughed.

‘you mean the good husband i was?’

‘were you ever a good husband?’

‘i was. It was just that since we were forced into the marriage at an early age, we couldnt find love with one another. Thats why when you chose to file for a divorce, i didnt arhue with you’ Gilbert said.

‘you are kind of right Gilbert. Its the fault of our parents that we are no longer together’ Stella said.

‘its alright. We were forced werent we? But i missed you’

‘i missed the s-x we used to have. After the divorce, i became starved and i started sleeping with anything with a tail in between the legs’ Stella said and shook her head.

‘i know you. You are a w—e’ Gilbert said playfully.

‘so who is this guy that you are currently dating?’ Gilbert asked as if on a mission to find out.

‘Tony Brown’

‘you are kidding me right?’ Gilbert asked not sure of himself.

Stella brought out her phone and showed him different pics of she and Tony.

‘what?! I cant believe this, its like a nightmare. Tony is currently dating his secretary, the woman i love’ Gilbert said, he didnt even know he did, s–t!


‘its the truth. That guy wasnt genuine all this while and i have wasted time. I should have told Alice all about this in the beginning’ Gilbert said, almost to himself.

‘Alice?’ Stella asked.

Yes, she remembered that name. Tony had called the lady that was his secretary Alice. He was dating her? No wonder the so called Alice was grinning when Tony asked her never to let her into his office again. No wonder he had refused to listen to her ever since, he had found a new love. Geez!

‘Alice is stealing my man?! Never!’ she found herself saying.

An idea cropped into his head. Yes, he will show Tony. He began to believe that God was on his side. No wonder he felt like going to the grocery that day and he told Abby not to bother.

It was all to meet Stella! Thank fate. Fate was on his side. To make Tony pay for taking Alice away from him.

‘lets fight for our love Stella’ he said.

‘of course, i must fight for Tony. I wont loose him just like that and that harlot, Alice, must pay!’ Stella said.

‘dont forget she is my love and i wont tolerate you calling her names’

‘thats why you should tell her to hands off my man!’

‘how can i even tell her that? Look, you want Tony, and i want Alice, lets fight for them. Lets put heads together and do something’ Gilbert said.

‘you are correct! Lets put heads together and plan something because i wont let Tony slip away’

‘neither will i let Alice slip away’ Gilbert said.

What happened when Alice and Tony walked in almost immediately, chatting like lovebirds. Find out!

To be continued

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