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The Second Chance…Episode 76

Posted by on September 22, 2016.

​Episode seventy six.

Alice hastened her steps as she ascended the staircase. She got to the reception seeing some group of nurses gossiping and laughing their a-s out.

‘good evening’ she greeted desperately.

‘eh eh, good evening. How may we help you’ one oversabi nurse asked.

‘i’m here to see someone’ Alice replied.

‘the someone wey you come here come see no get name abi?’ Another nurse replied sarcastically. And all the nurses laughed.

Alice felt embarrased but because she was desperate to see her mother, she let it pass.

‘mrs. Kofoworola Tarulba’ Alice said.

‘mrs kwa? See, for this hospital, we no dey do mrs or no mrs. Na only the name of the person we dey write so this mrs wey you call so no get sense’ a nurse replied.

‘okay sorry. Is Kofoworola Tarulba’ Alice answeres impatiently.

The nurse reached for a long book which she opened, stole a glance at Alice and saw the desperation on her face.

‘na who she be to you?’ she asked.

‘my mother’ Alice said.

‘okay oo. She dey room……’

‘dont worry i know the room she is’ Alice said and left them.

‘if you know the room before why you con dey disturb us?’ the nurse said after her.

‘i wonder!’ another sighed.

Alice didnt care, she just wanted to see her mother.


Fred tried to but he couldnt then all of a sudden, the room started shaking then Queen Lateefa appeared.

Fred lowered the razor and bowed before her, wiping his tears.

‘dont bow!’ Queen Lateefa said. Whether she was angry or not, Fred couldnt tell.

He raised his head up with his two hands at the back. Queen Lateefa’s horn raised higher.

‘look Fred, you are one of my best subjects and i have been watching you for a while now. Why do you find it so difficult to eliminate this wife of yours? She will be a threat to you in the future if you dont get rid of her now’ Queen Lateefa said.

Fred wiped his tears and faced her.

‘i will surely get rid of her, i just need some time’ Fred said.

‘time is what we dont have. We have to have this ritual done immediately to protect us from this calamity that is about to befall us. The god of thunder is angry with us. If we dont do something to appease him, then the calamity that will befall us will be unavoidable’ Queen Lateefa said.

‘i wont let the god of thunder to be angry with us’ Fred said.

‘you and Nneka will be on the same assignment but with different people’ Queen Lateefa said.

‘what assignment?’ Fred asked.

‘if you can get it done then, your wife may live because if you dont kill her, i will’ Queen Lateefa said.

Fred closed his eyes in excitement.

‘what is it, my queen, i will do anything as far as Kofo lives’ Fred said.

‘good. Now, you will have to kill the man that will come for your daughter’s hand in marriage’ Queen Lateefa said.

The smile on Fred’s face gradually turned into a frown.

‘i dont understand’ he said.

‘but you will have to make sure that they come together. It isnt just any man. When you see the man, you will know’ Queen Lateefa said.

‘but…but i already did something like that before. I killed Benjamin through an accident. I caused the accident. That was six years ago and since then my daughter has been miserable. Do you expect me to do such again?’ Fred asked.

‘you will have to choose between your wife and this stranger’ she said.

‘please queen, i will do anything else but not this one’

‘Nneka is on the mission of killing the lady that will engage with her son-in-law. Almost the same mission and you both have three months to submit your assignments’ she said.

‘who is Nneka’s son-in-law?’

Queen Lateefa laughed.

‘someone you dont know of. Get the assignment done, will you?’

‘i will’ he said and she disappeared and the door flung open.

To be continued by 4pm

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  1. hmmmmmmmm, God will save you ooo

    by jindu on Sep 22, 2016 at 9:48 am

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