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The Second Chance….Episode 79

Posted by on September 23, 2016.

​Episode seventy nine.

‘i also know his daughter and believe me the daughter is doing a great job’ Gilbert said.

‘wow! I think i love the sound of that. I need to get to know his daughter too. She may be able to tell me what to do to win her father’s heart back’ Stella said.

Gilbert smiled and shook his head.

‘i dont think thats a good idea’ he said.


‘the girl, Maria by name isnt against Alice because she’s in love with her father you know’


‘the girl doesnt want any woman close to her dad at all. According to her, she didnt want any woman to take her mother’s place in her father’s heart’

‘what a stupid girl she really is!’

‘really stupid but what do i care? You can take care of her when you get Tony back. Right now what concerns me is the fact that she is an informant and her birthday party is coming up soon and i have a plan for you’ Gilbert said.

‘really? What plan?’


Tony sat comfortably on his chair using the pen in his left hand to tap his desk, probably lost in thoughts. A slight knock appeared on his door and it gave way sooner and Alice entered looking angelic but sleepy. Her countenance nearly made Tony reel in laughter.

‘didnt you sleep at all last night?’ he asked.

‘kind of’ she replied and lazily fell on one of the chairs directly opposite Tony.

‘why?’ he asked.

‘i went back to the hospital last night. I couldnt take what i was feeling anymore. It felt like my mum was dying. Ever experienced such feeling?’ she asked.

‘hmm, how did it feel like?’

‘i was shivering. Images from my childhood with my mum kept popping up. Then i started crying. If you had seen me you would have thought i had gone mad so i took a cab back to the hospital’ she explained.

‘and what happened?’

‘everything was fine’

‘you see, you worry for nothing. Now you look sleepy, i’m sorry i wont let you go home till closing hours’ he said.

‘okay oo. Now tell me, why do you have that worried look on your face?’ she asked.

‘what worried look?’

She drew closer.

‘Tony, you are worried about something, i’m i right?’ she asked.

‘i dont know what you are talking about’

‘stop jor! You know i care thats why i’m asking now!’ She said.

‘okay, i am worried because of what my mischievous daughter told me last night’ he said.

‘hmm, what did she tell you?’

‘that…..bla bla bla. Please lets not talk about it but at least you are aware of what is bothering me now’ Tony said.

‘tell me now!’

‘oh God! Alice are you a lawyer? Abeg leave me jor!’

‘you think i will leave this office until you tell me what she told you?’

‘na wa for you oo. Dont you ever give up?’ he asked.

‘no i dont’ she said with a wink.

‘okay, i will tell you’ he said and started telling her everything right from when Maria and her friends had said they heard a mysterious voice till now.

Alice listened with rapt attention and just when he was about to conclude, something strange happened……

To be continued

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