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The Second Chance….Episode 83

​Episode eighty three

Alice had barely settled down on her chair when her phone rang. She opened the drawer and retrieved it and it was Amy calling. She nearly screamed in excitement.

‘i thought our friendship was over simply because i slept with a guy in the kitchen’ That was the first thing that came out from her mouth the moment she picked the call. She realised her voice was a bit high so she looked around and saw that everyone in sight was busy doing one thing or the other.

‘mumu, i don forget that one tey tey. Guess what?’ Amy asked excitedly.


‘i and Kelvin are back again. And our wedding is in few weeks!’ Amy said.

‘heyyy! I’m so happy for you oo. But come to think of it, you be fool oo. Na now you dey tell me?’

‘eh, you no sey, you no get wetin you dey do for me so i felt telling you was a waste of time’ Amy joked as she laughed.

‘your head no correct. Meanwhile, where you dey now?’ Alice asked.

‘i dey Kelvin house oo, you nko?’ Amy asked.

‘i dey work’

‘which work be that?’

Alice laughed ‘i no tell you. I work for DE BROWNS now oo’ She said.

‘wow! How you take get the job now?’

‘i go jist you later, meanwhile i get some stuffs to do. Lets talk later’

‘okay, make we see when you close now. When you dey close work?’ Amy asked.


‘okay. Lets meet as Diamond Castle immediately you close’

‘Diamond Castle kwa? Babes you don hammer oo’

‘yeye girl’ Amy hissed and hung up leaving a smile on Alice’s face.

No sooner had she dropped the phone when it rang again. This time it was an unknown number calling. She picked up and a feminine voice responded.

‘hey!’ the voice said. Alice couldnt place the voice.


‘How far na?’

‘i’m sorry, who is this?’

‘ah! Its nurse Anabel’


Many thoughts ran through Fred’s head as he drove on a high speed along the expressway.

He was heading to a Catholic church which a friend of his had attended. He badly needed God at the moment. He needed to save his soul and regain everything that the enemy has taken away. To admit to his sins and live a chaste life. Yeah that what he badly needed at the moment.

As he drove on, he clearly saw Queen Lateefa standing ahead of him with her hands stretched forward to his car.

His hand froze on the steering and in an attempt to avoid her, he swerved to left colliding with a truck carrying goods. The whole glass shattered and the car was completely squeezed together. Blood flowed from the car and no one needed a soothsayer to tell them that the passedngers were dead.

Queen Lateefa smiled and disappeared.

To be continued

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Posted by Agba Oye On September 24, 2016

Categories: Blog Columnist

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    by BB on Jan 13, 2017 at 10:31 am Reply

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