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The Sencond Chance…Episode 82

Posted by on September 23, 2016.

Episode eighty two.

Alice caught him staring at a shiny piece for too long so she walked up to him.

‘Tony, what are you looking at?’ she asked.

Tony quickly tucked in the hairpin into his pocket.

‘its nothing. I believe it belongs to one of the female clients. Its a hairpin’ he said.

‘oh, okay. Throw it in the trash bin then, why your pocket?’ she asked.

Tony smiled. ‘i really dont throw such things away. Who knows the person might recognise it at first glance whenever she comes over again’ he said.

‘okay. I think i need to leave for my office now. Everything is all done’ she said, opened the door and left the office.

He lept on wondering why Nneka’s hairpin was there, she had never been to his office before.


Maria was about putting on her clothes when her phone rang. She checked the id of the caller and it was Gilbert.

‘hello uncle’ she said.

‘Maria, can we meet in Fantasy? I have someone who i will want to introduce you to’ he said.

‘okay, i will be there in an hour’ she said and hung up.


Maria was surpised to see Gilbert and a very attractive lady with him.

‘good day uncle’ she greeted and muttered a weak greeting to Stella.

‘uhm, Stella this is Tony’s daughter and Maria, this is Stella’ he introduced.

‘hi, i’ve heard alot about you’ Stella said with a charming smile.

‘huh?’ Maria exclaimed in surprise ‘from who?’ she asked.


Gilbert pinched Stella and she stopped halfway.

‘from Gilbert’ she said.

‘okay’ Maria said rolling her eyes suspiciously.

‘so Maria, whats up, whats the latest news?’ Gilbert asked.

‘hmm, well, my birthday party is the only thing on board for now’ she said.

‘how about your US shopping?’ Gilbert asked.

‘i dont think that will hold again’ Maria said.


‘because dad hasnt said a word about it. Its no big deal sha, there are so many nice boutiques here in Lagos’ Maria said.

‘try DOMINION LADIES. They have alot of nice things. I do shop there always’ Stella chipped in while Maria feigned a smile of gratitude.

‘have you seen Alice?’ Gilbert asked.

‘no’ Maria said.

Gilbert nodded.

‘Stella you’ve now met Tony’s daughter. Maria, uhm, Stella is your father’s girlfriend’ he said.

‘what?!’ Maria nearly screamed.

‘calm down dear. I am a very nice woman’ Stella said with a mischievous smile.

‘you are what? My father’s girlfriend? How dare you?’ Maria asked dangerously.

‘we are in love dear but that doesnt matter now does it? All that matters is how to separate Alice and your father so that he would see no one else but me’ Stella said.

‘you are crazy! You are mad! Infact you must be high on cheap drugs! Just incase you dont know, i am not willing to let any woman from any part of hell into my father’s house, get it!’ Maria said in an outburst.

‘Maria pls calm down,’ Gilbert said afraid of causing a scene ‘Stella here wants to be with your father and your father loves her too. She will be a good step mother to you, believe me. She is a wonderful person, she is my ex wife so i know’ Gilbert said.

‘oh good! Ex wife huh? Why not re marry again instead of trying to cause havoc in other peoples lives’ Maria said.

‘what?!’ Gilbert said.

‘i will deal with Alice alone. And mind you, we will no longer be partners if this lady is part and parcel on the plan, do you understand?’ Maria said.

‘what? I dont understand’ Gilbert said.

‘if you keep on tagging this b—h, this w—e, this s–t along, then i’m sorry, i will no longer help you in giving you info but trust me, i wont let Alice in my fathers house’ Maria said.

Gilbert took a deep breath.

‘so you are saying that you dont want Stella too? To be part of the plan because you dont want a woman in your father’s life?’ Gilbert asked.


‘okay, done’ Gilbert said to Stella’s surprise.

‘Gilbert, you……’

‘shut up Stella’ he commanded in a hush tone.

‘Maria, i give you my word, Stella wont do anything’ Gilbert said.

‘good’ Maria said and left after eyeing Stella.

‘Gibert, what was that?’ Stella asked.

‘i’m sorry Stella, i cant afford to lose Maria at this moment, please stay on your own fron henceforth. I’ve got my plans and you can plan too but keep it to yourself. Have a nice day’ he said and left while Stella sighed in disgust.

To be continued Tomorrow

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2 Responses

  1. Nice story, Fred i hope u will repent

    by Ezekiel on Sep 23, 2016 at 4:59 pm

  2. I just hope tony knows about nneka

    by Fabulous on Sep 23, 2016 at 5:38 pm

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