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Very Important Notice for Men

When men wanna bullshit talk  women and hurt them and treat them like shit ! Look at this picture ! She risk her life to give u something precious, she gains weight & her skin stretches & then u gonna disrespect her and treat her like shit ??? 

Do u even know the pain a woman feels after having a c section ? Can’t walk properly for weeks and can’t do shit for her self !

 This is is for every man who treats his woman like crap and treats her like nothing ! Grow up and take care of ur family and stop running around ! Ur wife and children is ur first priority in ur life ! 

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  1. I concor oooo

  2. Hmmmm……

  3. This is true

  4. god should forgive some men, for there improper respect,, them don’t have for women!!


  6. thanks for the remainding

  7. thanks for thy advice

  8. tnks brainbox

  9. A woman needs love care and attention

  10. true but this is not for all men am i lying brainbox

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