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Which Pill Would You Take? 

Mine: Red Pill Please😁😁

There’s recession in town 

So tell us yours through the comment section below


  1. RED all the way. hehehehe

  2. na red pill o
    who no want beta tin

  3. blue….i’ll correct all my mistakes and even those of my family warning them before-hand moreover i believe i will make even more than that fifty million dollars.

  4. blue pill..just imagine if you have the power to change your past

  5. i will take both

  6. Blue Pill Cause With D Knowledge I Have Nw Plus Being 10 Years Of Age Bros No Be Small Money I Go Make.

  7. Both? That’s drug abuse @camps

  8. I’ll take the red one

  9. Both are catchy but I’ll go for the red pill if I were to choose.
    Trying to correct the past might be an effort in futility.

  10. Red pill jaare..if i take blue pill and return to 10yrs walahi all those stubborn children that i gave the knock and slap of their lives will come back for me and my younger brother will be very happy eee

  11. I will take red first and become 50million$ richer then take the blue and restart at ten. what do u think?

  12. The red one,who wan carry last.


  13. i will take d blue pill nd correct my past mistake will all d knowledge dat i have now

  14. The blue pill

  15. the blue pill

  16. Blue Pill 4 Sure

  17. blue pill all d way…

  18. Blue pill straight up!

  19. Omo i go take d red pill ooo no dooling ooo

  20. omo tak ur red pills ooo

  21. I like d red pill but i wil take d blue because if i do i will become a genious,book bonaza,mathematics gurus and a star at such young age with hope of many more years to influence my world.

  22. There are somethings I wish to change in my past since the blue one let me go back with all my knowledge intact I would take it

  23. I”ll go for d blue pill.

  24. I will go for blue √ knowledge is power,

  25. I will take the red first after enjoying myself, I will go for the blue.

  26. I will take BLUE

  27. Menhhhh… I will high d red one afta money don show a go take d blue one 2 reduce mah age…..

  28. its complicated buh all these people that are saying ‘i wil go for the blue pill the must b upto 60 yrs now lolllz

  29. Blue, to correct all my mistakes.

  30. Itz D “Blue” Oo
    I Wanna Correct All My Mistakes Ooo..

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