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Who Can Solve This Easy But Tricky Brain Teaser Puzzle? (Open)

Strictly for all genius readers on this blog.


  1. Number 1 survived. He started the chain so I guess he did nt die

  2. No.1 lives

  3. No.1 is the survivor

  4. no.1 beacause nobody kill em na him first start killing

  5. Its no 1 nah simple

  6. From calculations the only survivor is 73. You can confirm for yourself

  7. I think it is number 1

  8. Number 1

  9. The odd numbers

  10. No 1

  11. odd numbers

  12. no 1 of cause

  13. @Pholaryn u are very correct, the only survivor is 73

  14. definately its no1

  15. Since no one killed no 2 so number 1 is not killed by any body

  16. The 99th person survives

  17. I think is no 76

  18. Number 1

  19. No 73 is the only survivor

  20. no 99 could av suvived bt he would av to give sword to no 1 to kill him so no 1 is d remaing numba

  21. 73

  22. think b=4 u speak gentlemens

    is a continus process jst Lyk a circle and if u keep eliminating d only survival is no73

  23. Is not only 1 person survive they are 46 in number, number1 kill no2 give the sword to no3 no one kill no3 is no3 that kill no4 and give the sword to no5,kill no6 no5 also is there.etc


    (50) THE ODD NO:

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