Who Can Solve This Easy But Tricky Brain Teaser Puzzle? (Open)

Strictly for all genius readers on this blog.



  1. Number 1 survived. He started the chain so I guess he did nt die

  2. No.1 lives

  3. No.1 is the survivor

  4. no.1 beacause nobody kill em na him first start killing

  5. Its no 1 nah simple

  6. From calculations the only survivor is 73. You can confirm for yourself

  7. I think it is number 1

  8. Number 1

  9. The odd numbers

  10. No 1

  11. odd numbers

  12. no 1 of cause

  13. @Pholaryn u are very correct, the only survivor is 73

  14. definately its no1

  15. Since no one killed no 2 so number 1 is not killed by any body

  16. The 99th person survives

  17. I think is no 76

  18. Number 1

  19. No 73 is the only survivor

  20. no 99 could av suvived bt he would av to give sword to no 1 to kill him so no 1 is d remaing numba

  21. 73

  22. think b=4 u speak gentlemens

    is a continus process jst Lyk a circle and if u keep eliminating d only survival is no73

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