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Who Knows The Answer To This Brain Teaser Question? (Open)

1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th tank?



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  1. 3rd tank

  2. The 4th tank

  3. 3rd tank

  4. The 4th tank.

  5. Fourth tank

  6. 4th tank simple Archimedes principle and pressure read your physics textbook

  7. 4th TANK

  8. After U Finish Waiting, Tank 4 W’ll Finish First. Tank U

  9. Those who studied physics would knw this is Simple fluid mechanics from yr1 physics..Tank 3 has to be full for pressure to build up that’ll enable the water climb up to enter the 4th tank… The third tank fills up first..

  10. its tank 3 cant u see dis shows capillarity in tank four 3 tank will first of all full because it does not hav d tendency to fil d fourth tank 3rd tank wil be filled first before it can move .

  11. 3rd tank ofcourse

  12. The 4th tank

  13. the 3rd tank oh

  14. It’s 3
    #science students#
    #all commercial and art students should get out!!!!#

  15. Na de 3rd tank go full first.

  16. The 3rd tank

  17. It wil be 3rd tank

  18. i dont think those who wrote tank 4 saw it well it is tank 3 bocs the pipe leading to tank 4 will go up

  19. its d 4th tank

  20. 4th tank

  21. Of course, Tank3 will be full first

  22. Tank 3 will full first

  23. D 4th tank

  24. It is the 3rd tank
    U guys should have a good look at it

  25. 3rd tank

  26. If not tank 3 no other

  27. The third tank

  28. oyewale oluwasegun

    3rd tank will first of all full

  29. 3rd, followed by 4th and then 2nd, before 1st

  30. fourth tank

  31. Nub 3 is the correct answer

  32. The 4th tank

  33. i bet its tank 1 admin abeg send us ansa


    for it fill the 4th it needs pressure so my answer is the 3rd tank

  35. clinton said

  36. This question does not even need any law of physics here. Just use your common sense. When the water falls in tank 1, it won’t get full because the pipe passage to tank 2 is at the bottom of tank 1. Likewise tank 2. It won’t get full too because the pipe is at the bottom so it will keep pouring but won’t get full. Then in the case of tank 3 and 4, hmmmm, very tricky though but as i said, it only needs your sense to crack the code. The pipe from tank 3 to pipe 4 goes up so tank 3 would have to get full before tank 4 will. While tank 2 is dropping the water into tank 3, it will fill at maybe the same speed or faster than tank 4’s pipe so tank 3 fills up first.

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