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Wizkid vs Kiss Daniel vs Korede Bello – Who Do You Think Is The Most Handsome, Gifted And Talented Musician?

Just wanna be catch some fun with our readers today.

I will personally Go for Wizkid… Dude be slaying since 1800BC lol

Who do you think is the Most Cutest, Talented And Gifted?



Drop your Comments.


  1. Kiss daniel

  2. I love kis daniel cause his songs are good. Not like wizzy that always sings that he has money. Korede bello is also good lovely eyes

  3. i’ll go for korede bello,his songs are nice,plus he’s cute,daniel is also kinda cool

  4. Wizkid bt all of them r very talented nd handsome wizkid z more succesful

  5. Korede bello

  6. Kiss daniel

  7. Korede bello.he is super cute

  8. Wizkid is the most talented while kiss daniel is more handsome

  9. kiss daniel

  10. Korede bello

  11. korede is the most handsome

  12. oriolowo victor omotoso

    korede bello because he is handsome,talented &his songs is meaningful

  13. i go for kiss daniel follow by korede bello
    wizkid is a big NO for me


  15. itz boy kiss daniel.

  16. korede bello is more prettiest!!

  17. korede i luv is songs more others


  19. @rophyeeheart u’re ryt kissdaniel is the most handsome while wizzy is the most talented though theyre all cute and talented

  20. non of my biznes

  21. Kiss daniel 4 life

  22. i go for korede bello


  24. Nah boi kiss and bellover.

  25. koredo bello

  26. F**k Korede Bello.Kiss Daniel Stil Better Bt Am Going 4 Wizkid

  27. na person wey no get eye go 4 kiss Daniel nd wizzy as 4me its korede

  28. For me i go for kiss daniel because because i dont like wizkids type of songs they are all meaningless. Almost 80% percent of wizkid’s song are all about women while kiss daniel dont do much of that. I also like korede bello too. And wizkid is so ostentatious that is unecessary display of wealth.

  29. F**k Korede Bello,kiss Daniel Stil Better Bt Am Going 4 Wizkid

  30. Kiss daniel


  32. wizkid

  33. Me I go for korede bello not only hansome his music is also nice he don’t use nude girls when shutting his music xo he ix da best as far as am concern in african music

  34. boy kiss Daniel

  35. boy kiss Daniel

  36. i go 4 d handsome and talented musician (WiXkiD)

  37. I like Phyno

  38. Wizkid for me freshest no think am at all

  39. Its obviously kiss daniels ojere..d guy’s been slaying since 540BC

  40. Wizkid is the freshest no think am at all aka boss for dem

  41. I go for the starboy wizzy he has all those qualities

  42. its kiss ne na

  43. it’s kiss ne na


  45. “Kiss daniel” is the Most hansome…

  46. Baba na kiss oh

  47. Plp no get sense, wizzy is the most talented, kissdo most handsome, korede bello gifted.simple answer wizzy

  48. how could u compare the three of dem together ……they all gud in their own way

  49. I go for eezy Kris’s Milli he dope

  50. Nah Only For This Kind That I Dey Notice Sey Girls Dey For This Blog. They Are Cute In Their Own Way

  51. Koredo has the most lovely eyes I’ve ever seen and he sings good music and he is the most talented. And handsome with or without makeup. Second to KissDaniel,in character and handsomeness. Wizkid is bad in character and in everything

  52. both re handsum bt wizkid is the most talented among them.

  53. Habdsome:Korede Bello
    Gifted:Korede Bello

  54. Kiss baba

  55. Handsome goes to korede, talented goes to wizkid while d rest falls on kiss

  56. both re handsum bt wizkid is the most
    talented among them.

  57. Capital Letter “NO” FOR Korede Bello Nd Wizkid “YES”FOR KISS DANIEL

  58. Kiss Daniel

  59. Korede bello

  60. I go for korede bello, his songs are#muah# nd he is more handsome dan d rest

  61. Korede bello

  62. kiss Daniel

  63. Korede Bello = HANDSOME.
    Kiss daniel = GIFTED with love song.
    Wizkid = TALENTED

  64. D talented & handsome go to wiz kid

  65. 4 me it is Wizkid

  66. kiss daniel is the best. korade bello is cute but still lacking in talent. wizkid is too ostatentious God knows i hate loud people.

  67. Kiss daniel

  68. I case i go for kiss daniel, he is so handsome and i love is music, well korede bello is also handsome.

  69. Kiss Daniel Is The Most Handsome Y Wizkid Is The Talented

  70. Just take a good look at kiss daniel and korede bello eyes, there so romantic, there so handsome.

  71. I will go for kiss Daniel

  72. Wizbaby baba nla won

  73. In terms of handsome korede bello is the ultimate

  74. Hmm for me am going fo korede belo

  75. Think dat should go 4 kiss deniel

  76. Going for my korede… he dope

  77. na kiss all d way

  78. Star boy wizkid murdered all of them in which ever way you put it

  79. none of d above

  80. jst pasin by

  81. Wizzy boy


  83. Wizkid

  84. One & only Kiss Daniel


  86. Korede bello is the finest

  87. Emmhanuel Opomulero

    With my voters card i vote for Kiss Daniel after Korede Bello i av no vote for my Dog(Wiski)

  88. i will kiss daniel

  89. Olajide oluwapamilerin

    Well i wont judge actually, the three are good but i love kissdaniel most because am in his line of music and his music gives we the rest good example his music is inspirational he uses good beat and he keeps his head low and does not bring out music anyhow he beacme a star without featuring anyone.ITS VADO AND ITS ALWAYS HIM AND HE IS ALWAYS DEPENDING ON GOD AND HIS out am coming up.kiss daniel

  90. Kiss daniel all the way

  91. U dey compare baba nla 2 those guyz ……dem b kid nigga

  92. I Go For Kiss Daniel.

    I Go For Kiss Daniel

  93. Kiss Daniel Those Lips Hmm Handsome Yes Height Yes Sexy Yes Talented Yes Sexy Voice Wow I Give Him All Vote Wizkid More Successful And Korede Cute Yes

  94. Duncan mighty

  95. wizzy wizzy

  96. give their lyf 2 Christ

  97. korede bello

  98. 1.Handsome:Korede Bello. 2.Talented:Kiss Daniel. 3.Gifted:Wizkid.



  101. haba itx kiss na wizzy has bin dia bt kiss iz killing it

  102. Korede Bello Is D Man.


  104. I love wizkid o0o na wizzy jhor

  105. Ui Chad Gilbertson

    one man’s meat is another man’s poison!
    y kill yaself????

  106. Wizzy babanla won,am saying thy final

  107. It is Kiss Daniel

  108. wizkid is the best among the rest

  109. well as for me korade bello is the most handsome but all are handsome but i like kiss daniel

  110. it kiss daniel…hes gud in all

  111. 1 kiss daniel 2 korede bello they are both handsome a gud voice nice bit has gug in all

  112. wizkid 4 life

  113. Wizkid is talented while kiss daniel is handsome nd korede bello is gifted

  114. the last person .C.

  115. There's a princess in every girl

    As for his facial features,Korede Bello is d cutest n most handsome.As for his type of music,i don’t know anything about dat.I only know he is the cutest among d three.

  116. kissdaniel follwed by korede bello

  117. I go for korede bello because his songs are so intoxigating and meaning ful

  118. I’ll also go for wizkid cuz he’s da best in all 3 categories….!!!lol

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