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Make We Yarn: Guys, If You Woo A Girl Using These Lines, Trust Me You’ll Fail

Okay.. I should probably go straight to the point here.
Do u know there are things u’re not supposed to do or say when trying to sweep a girl off her feet? Ive compiled them below. Enjoy.

1. “Tell me about yourself”
Dude..its not an interview.. Instead, ask direct questions that
improve the convo than leaving her to do all the talking.

2. Forget all these pick-up lines.
I don’t mean you shouldn’t compliment her.. How can you tell a girl:
“the spaces between your fingers were made so that mine will fit in”
Did u smoke expired weed? Step up, man.

3. Pls guys..don’t assault her with calls and texts. give her some air. don’t be clingy.

4. Be real with yourself. Don’t do things u cant afford just because you wanna impress her.. Do ur best.. If she loves u, she wont need u to go extra mile.

5. Lets assume uv’e done the whole dribbling and the ball is finally in her court, leave it there. Step back bro. If she’s into you, she’ll let you know sooner, and if she isn’t, it’s okay to ask. n if she rejects ur proposal, dude, move on. There are billions of wonderful girls around the world to choose from.


  1. Lol… No. 2 is really funny

  2. 5 is more interested

  3. not all will fail!!

  4. For the playboys like celestine and G boy.

  5. I am gona try it and see

  6. LOLZZ

  7. Tips for beginners like Queen boy

  8. guy u make sense, no tym 4 shit

  9. You nailed it bro

  10. Who told you i’m a beginner, see i’ve been in this game even when you were not born.@EDEM

  11. Oboy, Queenboy shebi u don see beta lines now, so no go dey fall ur hand 4 dat girl side *wink*

  12. i am not a playboy i have only one gf nd some girls who play dat kind of game with me@queenboy

  13. Then why did you say you are dating almost all the girls at lekki.@celestine

  14. Take note of no.4
    Why would someone sell his Foam and sleep on bare floor just to buy iPhone 6 to a gal?
    Queenboy u better start now to be wise o

  15. Nt All Wil Fail

  16. many girls are dating me but i choose one of them as my gf d other girls are my friends but we have sex sometime not everyday o @queenboy

  17. u are right princewhyte nt all wil fail

  18. lolzzzz,no2 is really funny

  19. lwkm, No 2 funi

  20. That Is It!

  21. You are a liar

  22. Hmmm cul one bro

  23. telll them oo

  24. Just passing…

  25. Celestine@ re u sure of what u re sayin? Or abi u smoke expire weed ni??

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